Konyalılar Aladagda Now Can Ski

Konyalılar Can Now Ski in Aladag: Konyalılar now has the opportunity to ski in Aladag after the summit is covered with a white cloth during the winter season.

The road construction works started by the Konya Special Provincial Administration in order to provide transportation to the summit of Aladağ in Derbent district, where work has been initiated to become the Winter Sports Center of Konya, is continuing.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, Ski Federation Konya Provincial Representative Zarif Yıldırım and Konya Provincial Special Administration officials made investigations in Aladag where road construction works continue.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, said in a statement to journalists, the work carried out by the Special Provincial Administration said that the rapid support, due to support from the road construction work for the authorities thanked.

Acar, who said that those who came to Aladağ's skiing this year have no way to go back as they did in previous years, will not be able to return, and invited Konyalılar to ski in Aladağ this winter season. Acar emphasized that after the completion of the construction work of Konyalılar, Acar said that he could go to Aladağ by skiing and said, “You know, the snow in Aladağ has a crystal snow structure suitable for skiing without compression. So I hope this winter we will go out of this road and ski. We are waiting for all the people of Konya to ski. ”

Ramazan Şevik, Head of Infrastructure and Transportation Department of Konya Special Provincial Administration, stated that the construction works of the 8-kilometer road, which will provide transportation to the Aladağ Ski Center, are underway, and that a total of 8-kilometer road work is in question. Explaining that the construction machines affiliated with the Private Administration teams are still doing the leveling of the road, Şevik said, “In other words, they are working on the uncovering of the road. We are having a very suitable season in terms of seasonal conditions. Hopefully, we will make this road at the village road standards as soon as possible and make it available to our citizens. In the next period, there will be studies on strengthening and stabilization of the road. When asphalt works are done, it will be a standard way. Our work continues depending on the weather conditions. We will finish our works as soon as the land conditions are suitable. ”