Three People Stealing 2 Tons of Train Rail Iron in Kars, Caught Red-handed

Three People Who Stole 2 Tons of Train Rail Iron in Kars were caught red-handed: 2 people who stole 500 tons of 3 kilograms of train rail iron belonging to the State Railways in Arpaçay District of Kars were caught red-handed.
According to the information obtained, the market value of Arpaçay Gendarmerie Command teams, AA, BB and C.B in the district is 5 thousand TL. The Gendarmerie teams took action upon receiving the information that they will load 2 tons of 500 kilos old train tracks to Kars and take them to Kars, in the act they seized the train rail bars loaded in 2 vans. AA, BB and CB related to the incident were detained. The 2 suspects who were taken into custody were released by the court they were transferred to.
On the other hand, the market value seized is 5 thousand TL. The train rail bars were delivered to Ddy.



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