Rail Systems Engineering Technical Seminars Day was Held at Karabük University

Rail Systems Engineering Technical Seminars Day was Organized at Karabük University: The “Rail Systems Engineering Technical Seminars Day” was organized by the Rail Systems Engineering Club of our University for Rail Systems students.

The seminars organized at the Faculty of Science Conference Hall of our University; In addition to the students of the Department of Rail Systems Engineering, students from other engineering departments also attended.

'Rail Systems Engineering Technical Seminars Durmazlar Holding Engineers held 'Seminar on Rail Systems Design'. In the seminar titled 'Criteria for Urban Rail Public Transport System Design' Durmazlar Holding Rail Systems Section R & D Project Manager Gökhan Aktürk with Turkey's first indigenous tram that feature silk gave detailed information about the tram project and production processes of insects. Gökhan Aktürk stated that projects that are not open to R & D activities will not be open to development or progress. Proj Your projects must be open to R & D. In order to get rid of the traffic density in our cities, rail systems must be developed. In order to reduce the traffic congestion we have produced in Bursa, Turkey's first indigenous tram. The entire tram was built by Turkish Engineers. Durmazlar Holding is manufactured in Turkey. Trams Bogie is Turkey's first domestic Bogie. There are five countries and six manufacturers engaged in Bogie design and production in the world. We too Durmazlar Holding is one of these six companies.. In his presentations, Mr. Aktürk; Urban Transport Systems, Metro Systems and Metro Vehicles and Light Rail Systems Features and Design Criteria, Silk Bug's Design Criteria, Technical Specifications, How Design Works, Air Conditioning Systems, Production Systems, Bogie Design and Features, Production Steps and Silkworm Tram He talked about his software achievements.

After the presentations of Gökhan Aktürk Durmazlar Holding Homologation Engineer Hasan Erdinç Berber gave information about the tests carried out on the Silk Bug. "Durmazlar One of the vision of the Holding is that these trams are built by 100 domestic production. The lack of 100 domestic production is not due to us, but to the lack of domestic producers. Hasan What is Homoglogation Engineering, Standard Criteria of Design, In Silkworm Tram; Bogie Fatigue Test, Body Compression Test, Strain Gauge Placement Studies, Bogie Trial Tests, Vehicle Leveling and Weight Tests How and how the methods were informed participants.

After the presentations, the first seminar ended with the students answering their questions.

The second seminar was Özen Technical Consultancy Services Technical Consultant Levent Özen, 'The Importance of Social Media in Business World' realized under the title. Stating that a world with a population of 7.6 billion awaits us in the future Levent Özen in presentations; Development Process of the World in 2020 Year, Increasing Economic Growth, Branding, High Qualified Jobs in Asia and Europe, Today's Place of Knowledge, Creativity and Sharing, Necessity of Social Media in Finding Jobs, Social Media Sharing Sites, Blogs, Statistical Data and News Sources issues.

Ozen Technical Consultancy Services Technical Consultant Levent ÖzenAt the end of the presentations, the participants answered the questions and ended the Seminer Technical Seminars Day of Railway Systems Engineering.. At the end of the seminars, all participants were given participation certificates.

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