Izmir gets to its ropeway

Izmir Cable Car Reaches: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Balçova in the new ropeway necessary for the destruction and cleaning after the construction and installation work began. The cabin will be in rainbow colors.

Construction works were initiated for the complete renovation of Balçova Teleferik Facilities, which were among the icons of İzmir for many years but were closed to service after the objectionable report of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. The modern facility, which has been restored to Izmir, will also add a new color to the city.

There was a difficult process
Following a challenging process, the Municipality completed the project and construction tender and prepared the implementation projects, and began removing the poles and ropes at the old ropeway facilities. After demolishing the buildings and the rotary gas station, the teams that removed the debris from the field made the ropeway area ready to establish new facilities. At the end of June, in accordance with the leasing signature protocol, the Metropolitan Municipality, which sent the implementation projects to the Directorate of Forestry Regional Directorate for approval, started the construction and installation works of the new ropeway with the approval.

EU standards
Balçova Ropeway Facilities, which are designed from the beginning to the end of the EU standards and will carry 1200 passengers every hour, will be renewed completely and will be offered to the people of İzmir in a much safer and more modern way. In 8er cabinets, each one designed to be a color of the rainbow, the journey time will be 2 minutes 42 seconds. The new plant, which will be implemented with the cost of 12 million 65 TL 500 thousand, is planned to start serving in the first months of next year.