Rapid train protest in Italy led to conflict (Video)

Italy's high-speed train protest led to clashes: the police attacked the action against the construction of high-speed rail link roads in Italy. The conflict continued for hours.
In Italy, more than a thousand people against the construction of the connection road for the high-speed train in Rome yesterday (22 November) held a protest in Rome. The group wanted to march to the French Consulate where the Italian Prime Minister had a formal conversation with the French president and the police intervened very hard. After the intervention of the police, the protesters began to clash over the crowded alleyways. The crowds clashed with the gas bombs for hours.
The high-speed train project between Italy and France has long been countered by both the burden on the public and the damage to the environment. At a time when European Union countries are going to budget cuts from education to health by using the debts to the IMF, the Italian-French high-speed train project 35 will cost $ 1 billion.
Social movements are opposed to the project, arguing that the high-speed train planned to be built between Turin and Lyon is only intended to accelerate the commercial activities of the capital circles and that the entire burden of the project is provided by taxes. In addition, the neighborhoods where the high-speed train project passes are under threat of destruction and rent. Social movements say that the young people can be employed and the education and health can be financed by the money spent on this project.



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