High Speed Trains

High Speed ​​Train: 15-16 years ago, I mentioned the high speed train operation between Aydın and Ankara in the Fight.
DDY officials who took into consideration the publication of the struggle came to Aydın and visited me.
In summary, what they told me was;
“1-Train tracks were left from 1787 and had to be renewed
2- They have done research on the high-speed train.
I talked about wagon rental.
If an entrepreneur wanted it, could he rent a WAGON for business purposes?
Authorized me;
“We have a lot of VAGONs. We can give Juz by price or rent. ” said.
The reason why I am entering this subject today is that the SPEED TRAIN topic has been included in Aydın's agenda.
I think it would be very useful if a high speed train project is created and implemented.
Our businessmen, the Aydınlıs set out from Aydın in the evening, stay in Ankara in the morning, see their work and return ..
Undoubtedly, it is up to Ankara and political power to prepare and do this project.
I wish; Aydın deputies take the first step in this regard.
Families are more comfortable to travel by train than by bus.
As far as I know, most of the railway tracks between Aydın and Ankara have been renovated. Perhaps the bridges have been renewed.
The high-speed train has undoubtedly more benefits.
Life safety is also safe for traffic accidents.
When I went to Germany 30 years ago, I got on the electric train between Frankfurt and Munich.
If I'm not mistaken, the electric high-speed train 5,5 didn't make a delay even in minutes.
As much as trains, infrastructure is also very important.
RAYLI system which relieves local and general traffic in all countries and reduces oil expenditures.
I had a rail system that I brought up for Aydın again many years ago.
Rail system to work between Ilıcabaşı - Kemer and Beycami - New Garages.
I hope that the Mayor of Aydın takes a good step on this issue.
I sincerely congratulate my colleagues who brought the HIGH SPEED TRAIN back to the agenda.



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