Haydarpaşa Train Station passengers do not move the trains did not move

The trains of Haydarpaşa Train Station did not move. TRT Haber DD gave a news about Haydarpaşa Station in November issue. Prepared by Elif Akkus, photos Tamay Alper Gokdemir pulled by the latest issue of the Haydarpasa file magazine found.
People trying to catch up with the steamer or the engine, departure sirens, ticket queue, people in their seats from the night to see the people who made the suitcase pillow is no longer possible here V
It's like an abandoned place. There's no trace of those old days. Silent olmuş Passengers did not move the trains did not move Sessiz
Some of the kiosks are closed on the left, two bars are left behind, brewing their last tea dem It is not known how many times the big teapots will be filled and emptied once a day. closing. the next day to be brewed in a new silence ... For many years in the Haydarpasa Train Station this silence is quite sad.

What are you going to do?
”We'll go… We're going to go back and go biz This month ce“
So while you read these lines, the buffet has already left Haydarpaşa Gar.
When you enter the staircase that everyone knows about by the ferry port, this time, it is a different sadness. The tolls that used to be long queues are now empty lar
On the right side, there are two teller officers sitting behind the glass at the toll booths on the left side.
The eerie silence leaves the memories of the memory of everyone, even though they do not live as they pass by the trains' wagons. I wonder who was the last person who traveled in this train, or where he was going. Did you hope there was sadness H
While walking among the retired wagons of Haydarpaşa, the questions, the curiosities and the old are chasing each other.
When you reach the rails, you can see the maintenance workshop on the left side.

In front of it, a few old wagons haven't been on the road for a long time. to bring together memories from real life or from an old film you watched dan
Because Haydarpaşa GAR is a memory that has left a trace in the place of the ancients' life and also the unforgettable decoration of Turkish films arp
Haydarpasa Train Station is a lot more than railway transportation for the Turkish people. The decor, which has the character of wooden suitcases of Turkish films, is a place where the names of those who do not know Istanbul should be heard.
Either hello with a joyful hug, or goodbye with a sad look, both the real life and the cinema, that is the name of life, at the same time Ya
It is the place where the stories of sevda in the villages were left with the title money, a hope for those who first came from the village to the city to accumulate the money.
One of the first immigration films in Turkish cinema history, 1965's ”Gurbet Kuşları X film starts at Haydarpaşa Station. The film tells the life struggle and social degeneration of a family coming from Kahramanmaraş to Istanbul in order to live a better life.
Now the classic sentence in the movies again Haydarpaşa Train Station, but this time is repeated in memory; Ğ I will beat you Istanbul yen “
In the case of such a date, many people who were concerned about the collapse of Haydarpasa would react. The allegations were that Haydarpaşa GAR would be replaced by a hotel İd
Transport Minister Binali Yildirim responded to these debates, which had a prominent place in the agenda in 2012 with his statement that Ulaştırma no one can afford to eliminate such a work Ulaştırma:
'' Marmaray project, along with Ankara, Sivas, Konya, Bursa from the railway lines did not end in Haydarpasa, along with Marmaray Üsküdar and the Bosphorus 60 meters under the Yenikapı, Yedikule ' ye will continue towards Ayrılıkçeşme. In Haydarpaşa, it will be kept as a train station and will be transformed into a living space. From there, nostalgic train services will continue to be made. No one should say no to gossip. Haydarpasa, 1900'li at the beginning of Istanbul-Baghdad, Haydarpasa Train Station is the beginning of the Istanbul-Hicaz railroad. No one can afford to abolish such a work, which our history, culture, and ancestors entrusted us with such a monument; There is no right, there is no da
When the discussions, explanations and projects related to the future of Haydarpaşa are mentioned, Haydarpaşa GAR stands there silently Tart
If your way falls we advise you to stop by Eğer
Maybe you'll be a bit of a partner to your loneliness these days Belki
The construction of Haydarpaşa GAR in 1906 was completed in 1908 and put into service.
It was constructed as the starting station of the Istanbul - Baghdad Railway line.
In the last period of the Ottoman Empire, besides the Baghdad Railway, Istanbul-Damascus-Medina (Hijaz Railway) flights were started.
German masters and Italian stone masters worked together in the construction of the Haydarpaşa GAR project by Otto Ritter and Helmuth cuno.
During the 1 World War, the building was damaged in the ammunition in the warehouse.
It was repaired later. However, 1979 was damaged in an explosion as a result of a collision with a ship named Independenta.
1983 restoration is completed at the end of the year.
28 2010 4 fire on the roof and XNUMX. the floor became unusable.
Since the 2012 date of February 24 trains were suspended for months.

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