Giant Cooperation with International Freight Forwarders Association in the Field of Logistics

Giant Cooperation with the International Transporters Association in the Field of Logistics: A framework cooperation protocol was signed between Istanbul Commerce University and International Transporters Association.
With the protocol, trainings will be provided for better quality service in the logistics sector, which is one of the locomotive sectors of the economy. Murat Baykara, UND Board Member Fatih Şener and Executive Board Member Evren Bingöl, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Hasan Erkesim, Rector; Dr. Prof. Nazım Ekren, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences Dr. İsmail Ekmekçi, Vice Dean Assist. Assoc. Dr. Murat Çemberci, Prof. Dr. Suna Özyüksel and Secretary General Asst. Assoc. Dr. Nihat Alayoğlu joined.
Within the scope of the cooperation to be carried out under the coordination of the University-Business Relations Application and Research Center, projects that will bring solutions to the important problems of the sector and for the benefit of the sector will be implemented with the university. Joint training programs will be formed with the participation of experts from UND and the industry; Weekly “experience sharing” programs will be created in which students studying at the international logistics department within the university will come together with the leading professionals of the sector and benefit from their experiences; Special discounts will be offered to the personnel working in UND Members in the "Master" and "Doctorate" programs with / without thesis that will be opened in the next academic year within the university.
Speaking at the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol, Çetin Nuhoğlu said, “As UND, we are really happy for our industry today. For years, I have personally made an effort to develop university-industry collaborations. As UND, it is the first vocational high school to enter the sector. kazanWe fought hard to get rid of it. With the figures of that day, we opened the first transportation and logistics college within Istanbul University with an investment of approximately 4,5 trillion liras. But over time, the spread of these episodes across the country has exceeded our expectations. However, our other expectation is that our friends who are competent in the sector, qualified, whose theoretical knowledge and sectoral practice are intertwined, kazanWe find it very difficult to reach our "expectation of The curriculum is incredibly diverse. No standardization has been achieved in this regard. With our Road Transport Law published in 2003, we transferred 95% of the EU's sectoral legislation to our own legislation. Now, our managers have to fulfill certain criteria and pass the exam in order to be accepted into this sector. In line with these developments, we foresee that sectoral competencies will further develop. However, while there are 3 logistics research centers in Greece and more than 30 in Germany, a research center that will produce projects in the field of logistics and where we can train our own academicians has not yet been established in our country.”
Emphasizing that logistics has reached a very different position in the world today, Nuhoğlu said, “The German Minister of Transport was in Istanbul last week. In his speech, he said that the logistics sector is the sector that contributes the most to the economy after the automotive sector in Germany and that it generates 228 billion EUR in revenue per year. While transportation corridors are developing rapidly in the world, competition between supply chains is now prominent. Logistic advantages are among the important criteria for companies that will invest in a country. Turkey has the potential to offer serious advantages with its crossroads from east to west and from north to south. Logistics is a sector that will make great contributions to the development of other sectors. We have been working very closely with our Istanbul Chamber of Commerce for the development of this sector for years, especially within the sectoral assemblies. For this, on behalf of our industry and myself, I would like to thank our Rector. Our association, which is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, will benefit the sector seriously with a team that has such correct perspectives and makes correct determinations. kazanWe believe that he will achieve success”, he said.
Rector of Istanbul Commerce University Dr. Nazim Ekren, the University's Continuing Education Center, Application and Research Centers, the Faculty of Applied Sciences in logistics, drawing attention to the program; Oluştur We attach importance to our cooperation with UND. With our visionary leadership that can carry out our work in the academic field further, we can form platforms that will enable the sector to bring together our competent professionals and firms and our students to share their experiences. With the support of UND, such as the Foreign Trade Center, which we established with Eximbank and TIM, we can conclude initiatives to establish a research center in the logistics area with the support of UND. Just support us on behalf of the sector, join in our work, Yeter he said.
In brief, Ekren gave the following message to the logistics sector:
“There are two logistics-related programs at the Vocational School and the Faculty of Applied Sciences of our university. The protocol we have made with UND will support them in the implementation phase. It is possible to set up graduate programs together and provide services to industry professionals and members. It is possible to organize in-service training at our University's Continuing Education Center. We can also design pre-undergraduate and graduate programs together. Commerce University Board of Trustees Chairman Hasan Erkesim, who attended the ceremony, thanked UND management for their cooperation and said, 'It is pleasing to cooperate with the leading company of the logistics sector. I believe that this cooperation will lead to very important works, ”he said.

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