Gavur Girls Statue at Cambaz Gazi Park

The Gavur Girls Statue is in Cambaz Gazi Park: He placed another historical monument in Cambaz Gazi Park, which was built by Karaman Municipality on İsmet Paşa Street.
Karaman Municipality, which saved Karaman from its bad image by demolishing the old Emlak Bank service building, built Cambaz Gazi Park, a very special park here. The park, where the dry pine tree, which dates back 800 years and has witnessed many historical events of Karaman, gained the appreciation of the citizens in a short time. Karaman Municipality placed the historical Gavur Kizlar Sculpture, which was once placed in Sulu Park and Station Park on this park.
The story of a historical work is as interesting as the story itself. The known history of the statue and its meaning are as follows;
In the construction of the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hejaz Railway, where thousands of German citizens were working, not only the railways but also the city stations and fountains and pools among them were also built by the Germans. It is known that there are thousands of German Citizens who come to work in this railway construction and lie in the Taurus Mountains and whose gravestones are unknown. At the end of the 1800s, having oil resources in countries such as the United States of America, Russia, England, France and Italy puts Germany in a difficult position.
German Emperor Kaiser 2. Wilheim thinks that they will fail unless there is a transition to oil countries. In fact, while the Germans consider the oil resources, the Ottomans who are in a difficult situation in the Arab countries consider the transport of soldiers and ammunition.
As a result, the German Emperor Wilheim II gets in touch with the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II. After the agreements were signed in 2, the German government gave the railway construction to a consortium of Philipp Holzmann, Krup and Siemens companies, financed by Deutche Bank.
Haydarpaşa Launched in 1905
After the signing of the signatures and the determination of the firms, construction works are started and in the year 1905 Istanbul Haydarpaşa Train Station is put into service. Then, respectively, Eskişehir, Konya Ereğli, Pozantı and Adana stations come into play.
Railway Completed in 1940
Istanbul-Baghdad-Hejaz railway construction was completed in 1940. On June 15, 1940, the first train service was made from Istanbul to Baghdad. 1892 km between Istanbul and Ankara at the end of 600, 1896 km from Konya Ereğli until 400, and 1914 km from Ereğli to Taurus tunnels until 200 appointed. Due to the difficulty of the Taurus Mountains, Germans worked in this region for about 20 years. Between the years of 1936-1940, the railway until Baghdad was fully paved.
Meanwhile, when the Karaman Train Station, which was built between 1910 and 15, was completed, the Germans left this statue as a gift.
This statue was named after the people of Karaman.

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