The first test drive of the Uludağ cable car line was made (Video - Photo Gallery)

📩 28/11/2018 18:02

The first test drive of Uludag cable car line was carried out: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who carried out the first test drive of the cable car, said, ver We kept our promise to the residents of Bursa, we aim to offer the Teferrüç-Sarıalan line, which is the first stage of the renewed ropeway, until the new year. Ulu
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the new cable car with the promise given to Bursa, the first test drive of the cable car carried out.
The cable car, the symbol of Bursa, started its test drive with its renewed face. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe carried out the first test drive of the lift at Teferrüç station. Mayor Altepe said that during this period, works were given to Bursa and said, ğ We kept the promise we gave to the people here, we aim to offer the renewed ropeway until the new year. Bu
President Altepe emphasized the fact that the works for the new ropeway project, which is among the works of the Metropolitan Municipality, will make Uludağ again an attraction center. Vurgu 1963 is one of the most important works of Bursa and has been used since 50. This year, we are assembling the line. At the end of the year, we will open the Xnumx meter Teferrüç - Sarıalan line to the service of citizens. 4500 / 1 of the generator with the speed of the test drive to complete the cable car to complete all the deficiencies of 8 aim to serve in the month, "he said.
The first stage is okay at christmas
Uludag's 12 used during the month and contributed to the city economy to be a center within the scope of the studies within the scope of the first phase to extend to Sarıalan'a then extended to the Hotel Zone said. Mayor Altepe, in the first stage of the work will be completed in the wagon in the additional building will be completed, the shortcomings of the station will be eliminated, environmental arrangements will be done. Noting that the road was about 35 km to the 12 minute with the new ropeway, President Altepe said, Alt With the new ropeway 20 will move without waiting for the 1 ropeway in seconds. Previously, the capacity of the cable car that goes to 4 per hour will be doubled to 12 with the new system. Bursa, with the modern system has a more beautiful transportation, güzel he said.
In Bursa's earnings “
President Altepe, the second stage of the cable car to be completed until the spring and cable car transportation so that after the Yellow Sea 4300 meters will be extended to the Hotels Zone. Altepe, who emphasized that the new ropeway will contribute to the economy of Bursa, said, vurgu Tourists who come to our city both in summer and summer will be able to reach the Hotel Zone in 22 minutes. Even those staying in hotels in the city center will be able to reach Uludağ and ski in 22 minutes. Tourists who cannot find hotels in Bursa in summer will also benefit from hotels in Uludag. The cable car is a huge gain for Bursa. We keep our promise to Bursa Bursa.
President Altepe, reminding the criticism of the tree cut during the ropeway work, adaki Previously Kadıyayla was not reached by car, but the control of the ropeway system to provide control of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs was opened with the approval. If this road had not been opened last week, the fire could not be prevented and therefore the entire ropeway system would have to be renewed. Eğer
The world's longest cable lift
With the system that brings one of the world's longest ropeways to Bursa with a total of 8,84 kilometers, the 22 between Teferrüç and the Hotels Zone is being reduced to the minute. The new ropeway 8'er gondola-type cabins with speed, even in lodos, the speed of 70 kilometers per hour will work, and on the other hand, the call will be completely eliminated. In the new ropeway system with a total of 11 direct to Kadıyayla and the total 14 in Kadıyayla Sarıalan, the 1500 square meter building in Teferrüç, the 1700 square meter building in Kadıyayla and the 4500 square meter building in Sarıalan; There will be a total of 90 cabins in the new cable car line while the total parking area of ​​180 is in Sarıalan.
President Altepe'nin press release, Yildirim Mayor Ozgen Keskin, AK Party Lightning District Mayor Hdayi Yazici, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and technocrats and Leitner firm representative Ilker Cumbul also attended.

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