The first gulf of İZBAN and its technical features (Photo Gallery)

The first bay track and technical features of İZBAN: Completion of the first installation of the new train set of IZMİR Suburban System (İZBAN) 40 was celebrated by cutting the cake in the Eurotem factory in Adapazarı.
The first installation of the new train set of IZBAN's 20, which is named as X Gulf Dolphin inin with the votes of 40 bin Izmir, was completed. At the Eurotem plant in Adapazarı, the celebration was held for the first set, which was completed in approximately 1 years. İZBAN A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors İsmet Duman and Vice Chairman Zeliha Gül Şener, as well as members of the Board of Directors participated. TCCD General Manager Suleyman Karaman accompanied by the organization cut the cake together, then the first set, the location of the trains in the assembly unit, received information about the latest status. All of Bay Bay's test runs will be completed in Adapazarı and the first three sets of 9 wagons will be commissioned in Izmir in three months. 2014 72 wagon in the year of 24 set will be in Izmir. The remaining sets will be completed by August 2015 and put into operation. In this way, İZBAN, which will strengthen its fleet, will increase the quality of the service it offers to the people of İzmir and will take more trains each time to operate and decrease the intensity significantly.
IZBAN's new trains, the Gulf of Yunus, consist of 120 wagon total 40 sets. The length of each set is 70 meters. This length reaches the 140 meter because of double sequence. 2 95 meters of inches Width is set centimeter height of the 3 85 meters. Sets with a maximum operating speed of 140 km / h will be able to transport approximately 1500 passengers in one series at a time. The doors of the 19 automatic passenger door are equipped with automatic sliding bridges that provide safety in the boarding of passengers.

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