Emergency drills

Emergency drill in Marmaras: Emergency drills were carried out after the shortcomings in Marmaray. Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsa ApaydınStated that the water that will accumulate in Marmaray will be pumped with 12 units and showed the pumps in the tunnel.
With the opening of Marmaray, a historical project, the two continents united under the sea. Citizens showed great interest to Marmaray, followed by glitches. Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydın and accompanying staff, followed by emergency drills in Marmaray.
Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsa ApaydınIn his statement to the correspondent of İHA, 'Kara tunnel' is one of the 'HAT1' tubes on the right side of the line we entered. There's a pedestrian walk on our left. Here we see the roads used to evacuate our passengers. Among the white lamps there are blue lights showing our doors. The points with blue lights are the passage points of the doors. So we have our plates to be easily guided by our passengers. Here we are guiding our passengers to the nearest point by plates. This light and the board with our passengers, during an emergency or in any case if you need to evacuate to the other tube can use to switch 'he said.
The length of the tube built with TBM on both sides is 11 İsa Apaydın, '2 pieces were built in the double tube of 14 kilometers. Our doors are one at the 200 meter. Our closest plates are already guiding our passengers. When we see the blue light towards the point of our passengers can be easily directed 'he said. Deputy Director General Apaydın descended through the tunnel passing through the Bosphorus and explained what the citizens should do in case of emergency. Apaydın also gave information about the tunnel passing through the throat. These are tunnels built outside. Their cross-sections are now round. The tube tunnel is composed of 11 pieces under the sea, 'he said. At the deepest point 11 is an evacuation pump İsa Apaydın'These are 600 cubic meters / hour. With these pumps, we use water to evacuate water from certain points'.
Apaydın explaining the operation of the system during the formation of fire, 'Here's the temperature 20 degrees. If there is an unexpected sudden elevation in temperature, the temperature is detected by the wires found here. Then a warning goes to our OSS center. It says, 'The temperature has increased here at this point of the tunnel.' There is a warning about this. At this point, you have the chance to get to the point where you have a certain kilometer. The red pipes found here are water pipes. These points can be easily extinguished due to certain points, 'he said.
In practice, due to the scenario, the train from the Ayrılıkçeşmesi to Kazlıçeşme direction failed while passing through the tunnel in the Bosphorus. Upon this, the passengers left the train as the mechanic opened the train doors. Passengers who left the train switched from the blue lighted evacuation gate to the tube gate, thanks to the lamps and plates at each 200 meter. Another train arriving at the tube gate has been evacuated to Yenikapı station by taking the passengers.
Metin Akbas, who stated that the train he was driving during the exercise, failed, 'We were evacuated passengers from Arızalı train. At the 200 meter, we have evacuated from the existing gateways to the other tunnel. Last tunnel to the first station to the vehicle, 'he said.
Mükerrem Aydoğu said that the train had received a notice of a breakdown, 'It was reported that there were emergency exit doors and we had to leave the train. We left the train without any confluence. Passing through the other gateway to the other tunnel was passed on the train, '' he said.

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