Emergency drills

Emergency drill in Marmaray: The project of the century, an emergency drill was held after the problems experienced in Marmaray. TCDD Deputy General Manager İsa ApaydınStating that the water that will accumulate in Marmaray will be evacuated with 12 pumps, he showed the pumps in the tunnel.
Two continents united under the sea with the opening of Marmaray, a historical project. When the citizens showed great interest in Marmaray, the setbacks followed. TCDD Deputy General Manager İsa Apaydın and the accompanying personnel carried out an emergency drill in Marmaray after the problems experienced.
Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydın'is one of the' HAT1 'tubes on the right side of the line, which we call the black tunnel. There is a pedestrian walk on our left here. Here you can see the roads used to evacuate our passengers. In between the white lamps there are blue lights pointing at our doors. The points with blue lights are the transition points of the doors. So we have signs to guide our passengers with ease. Here, we direct our passengers to the nearest point with signs. With these lights and signs, we can use our passengers to switch to the other tube during an emergency or in any case if evacuation is required.
The length of the tube built with TBM on both sides is 11 İsa Apaydın'Two 2-kilometer double tubes were built. Our doors are every 14 meters. Our closest signs are already directing our passengers. When we see the blue light, our passengers can easily navigate towards that point, ”he said. Deputy General Manager Apaydın descended in the tunnel passing through the Bosphorus and showed the citizens what to do in case of an emergency. Providing information about the tunnel passing through the Bosphorus, Apaydın said, “We have 200 tunnels dipping under the sea. These are tunnels built outside. Their cross section is now round. The tube tunnel, which consists of 11 pieces under the sea, is a rectangular section, 'he said. Noting that there are 11 drainage pumps at the deepest point despite any excessive water coming. İsa Apaydın'These are 600 cubic meters / hour. With these pumps, we take the water at certain points and use it to evacuate. '
Explaining the operation of the system during the fire, Apaydın said, 'Let's say the temperature of this place is 20 degrees. Here, if there is an unexpected sudden height in temperature, the temperature is detected by the wires located here. Then a warning is sent to our OSS center. He says, 'The temperature has risen over here at this point in the tunnel.' A warning is sent to the center in this regard. At this point, there is a chance to come to the place with a certain kilometer and intervene immediately. The red pipes here are water pipes. Certain points can also be easily extinguished thanks to these waters. '
In the exercise, according to the scenario, the train going from Ayrilikçeşmesi to Kazlıçeşme to the direction of Kazlıçeşme broke down while passing through the tunnel in the Bosphorus. Thereupon, the passengers inside left the train after the mechanic opened the train doors. Passengers who left the train passed through the blue light evacuation gate, which is every 200 meters, to the tube passage, thanks to lamps and signs. Another train arriving at the tube passage took the passengers and evacuated them to Yenikapı station.
Metin Akbaş, who stated that the train he was on during the exercise broke down, said, 'We were evacuated from the defective train. Our evacuation to the other tunnel was made through the gates, which existed every 200 meters. We arrived at the first station with the vehicle coming to the tunnel we passed. '
Mükerrem Aydogan, who said that they received the notification that the train had a malfunction, said, 'It was reported that there are emergency exit doors on this issue and we should leave the train. We left the train without any confluence. We went to the other pass and went to the train that was ready in the other tunnel. ''

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