Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı live on the rails, found the original defective

Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı perished on the rails, was found to be a flawed: Academician Ebru Gultekin Ilıcalı, the train while driving the train stuck in the door by holding a child car and trying to ride the train was found to be fundamentally defective on the grounds that the accident occurred in the first degree.

Okan University English instructor Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı fell into the space between the wagon and station platform as a result of the closure of the doors when the child was getting on the train with the baby carriage, and then continued under the train which started to move.

KadıköyIn the expert report prepared for the death of the academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı, who died on July after passing his child on the train in July last year, Ilıcalı, holding the child stuck in the door while the train was in motion, running and trying to get on the train was essential because of the fact that it was primarily effective in the occurrence of the accident. found defective.

Anatolia Justice Palace 30 prepared within the scope of the case. In the expert report submitted to the Criminal Court of First Instance, Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı stated that 11 on 2012 10072 XNUMX departed from Feneryolu station on the Haydarpaşa-Pendik suburban train.
Report, Ilıcalı accident risking the life of the accident in the accident while driving the train holding a child trapped in the door by running a car and other passengers stopping to listen to warnings on the train to take the first effect, the event was recorded to occur.
Ilıcalı'nin, contrary to the regulations of the TCDD to move a train on the move wanted and the train's doors are not fully open due to the fact that the normal boarding can not accomplish the report, Ilıcalı'nun run by the train as a result of the balance between the train and the platform falls between the platform, and therefore the accident occurred, so According to the role of the behavior of the accident was stated to be seen as flawed.

All the doors must be fully closed before the train is transferred, the report said, the case of the child car in the door in the event of the tightness of the door, a certain amount of open the door to the door of the current security system is perceived as being fully closed.

The report states that it is not possible to adopt such an application in the context of the security principle, which is the first condition of business, and that there should be a clear gap here for a passenger to fall into the space between the train and platform.

The report emphasized that the said openings should be sized not enter the human foot, the train out gauge of determining railway standards in Europe and Turkey was a member of the UIC establishment of the UIC 505-1 Structure gauges which comply with the booklet but uıc'n in the report examined all standard textbooks station reported that the relationship between the train and the train met the standards.

In this report, TCDD General Directorate, conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç and machinist Abdullah Çiğdem were secondary defective.

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