Marmaray of Diyarbakir: Martyrs-Baglar expres

Marmaray of Diyarbakir: Martyrs-Baglar expres. If you are a bit unfamiliar to the topic that does not live in Diyarbakır, one day, if your way falls here, the fastest way to the place you want to Martyrs-Bağlar dolmuşlarını, with my friend Mustafa Nacir.
Is life coming to you now monotonous? Looking for a new excitement in your life? Do you want to pursue adventures? Do the full buses not take you? Are you late for school? Your teacher doesn't take those who are late for class? In that case, 'Martyrdom Baglar Expres' is the time to meet the full time has come O
Marmaray carries 1 million passengers a day; Şehitlik-Bağlar 1 is a means of transporting more than a million people of Diyarbakır every day in minutes. In addition, the difference from Marmaray can work even if the power is cut!
If there is an entity in this world who deserves the title 'dolmuş', then it is 'Şehitlik Bağlar Expres'.
- When you get on the dolmus, don't worry about getting hold of it. Because you will never find enough space to fall!
- Those who are late; in hospital, at the post office, where the cheapest desserts sold in the pastry shop where the appointment of the only address 'Şehitlik Bağlar Expres'.
Ece Şehitlik Bağlar Expres içinde is the only vehicle that gives you the guarantee of raising the school during the time you lose and you will find a taxi to catch up.
- It is serving so fast; The only reason why fast-rail systems are still not available in Diyarbakır is 'Şehitlik Bağlar Expres'.
The Drivers of the Drivers;
They are the most skilled drivers in the world. At the same time, both smokers, tea drinkers, swearing and parallel strips are able to communicate with the head of the driver who travels through the glass.
- The safety of the drivers is kept to the maximum level. Maybe they don't wear a seat belt, but the 'crowbar' they store for hard times is the closest companion of the drivers.
Even though they are full of hearts, there is no room for students who go to this heart and this dolmus. Because three dormitory students (one of them 50 dies), but one is full in the world of dolmuşçular.
Disadvantages of the journey;
There is a thorn of every rose ta There are a number of dangers awaiting you on this journey, which we cannot finish by counting its advantages;
- If you think that you will get 1,5 penny over the money when you give 25 TL as a student, you are absolutely wrong. (it is recommended that you always carry a detached 25 penny with you)
- You can't go where you want. For example, you would like to go down at Üç Yol, but you find yourself on four roads. (Please tell the driver in advance, one stop ahead)
- When the driver stops at the stop, he / she will not know what a stop is. Every place on him appears stall.
You will be ecstatic with the songs of Arabesk, and get rid of life. (Allah travels shortly.) Especially if a famous arabesque artist is dead, the gears will be halved on that day.
-This way 'martyr' is given that a new martyrdom is on the agenda. It is recommended that you write your will and say goodbye to your loved ones before boarding the dolmus.

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