Control of trams in the hands of women patriots

eskisehir women's patriots
eskisehir women's patriots

The control of the trams is in their hands: Female personnel working on the urban tram line in Eskişehir and reaching 22 are almost making stones for men while using the 40-ton trams.

The female patriots working in the urban light rail system, which has been in service since 2004, are attracting great attention from citizens with their well-groomed and elegant images as well as their success in their work. Most of them are married women patriots, early in the morning when the tram service starts before the sun rises, separated from their spouses and children start their work. Every day, thousands of people prefer to use the city tram trams with great mastery of female patriots, with the good dialogue with the passengers and attracts attention with stylish images.

After entering the driver's cabin of the tram, the vatman, who refreshes their make-up and controls the vehicle, start their journey after making sure that the systems are running smoothly. 30) said that they were on the job at 5.30 in the morning and that they served the city people in two shifts. Indicating that they are experiencing various difficulties in the streets where the rails are used as a pedestrian road, while using trams of about 40 tons, depending on the occupancy rate, Mutlu said, “On the routes we use, vehicle drivers and people can use the tramway with thoughtfulness. In this case, we can see a reaction from the drivers and pedestrians that we warned with the horn. Vehicles that do not comply with the rules by using tram roads create trouble. ''


Explaining that the citizens treat dolmuklara dolmuklarını Öznur Mutlu, '' Passengers to catch the tram 'wait for me, a minute, a minute does not come out of anything' he can do the dolmuş treats. This is impossible because we are competing in seconds. We have no way to wait for passengers. We already have a business in 5 minutes. We want to be sensitive to the passengers, '' he said.


Happy citizens who received positive reactions by the citizens as a citizen, said the following statements: '' Citizens are more positive approach to us. They say they're happy with women. The tourists coming from the city and abroad are quite satisfied. They want to talk to us and have a picture. Passengers in women's homes behave more positively and we see more respect for traffic. Men are sometimes jealous of us, but our agreement with them is very good, we are always in the same environment. ''

Emel Uğurluel, one of the women's homeland, mentioned that one of the biggest problems was that the citizens did not obey the traffic rules.


Seher Kara, Eskişehir Light Rail System Operation (Estram) Operation Manager, stated that there are 298 personnel in the facility and the number of female vatman is 22. Pointing out that female patrons are no different from men, Kara said, “We are very pleased with our female patrons and they are doing their jobs very well. They are no different from men. They are extremely careful, well-maintained and caring. The people of Eskişehir are also very pleased with this situation. With the Estram extension works of the Metropolitan Municipality, the number of vatman and number of trams will increase. Women's vatman applications are also very high. After the extension of the line, the number of existing trams, which will be 38 with a 23-kilometer line length, will increase to 33. '' Citizens said that female patrons were using trams more carefully and were pleased with this situation, which attracted attention in the society.


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