Pedestrian overpass at Calli

Pedestrian overpass to Çallı: The Metropolitan Municipality of ANTALYA went to the tender for the construction of a pedestrian overpass on Çallı in the light rail route leading to numerous accidents.
The tender for the second overpass after Antalya Boulevard will be held on Wednesday December 4.
The pedestrian overpass, where the Department of Science Works is projected and auctioned, will be held at the entry point to the Çallı underground station after the safety stop on the tram line. On both sides of the public transportation stop in the region, who want to cross the road due to many accidents occurred. According to the tender specifications, pedestrian overpass will be completed in 215 days.
On the other hand, the tender of the Metropolitan Municipality to decorate the city with LED lighting in the new year was canceled. In the tender held on Monday, November 25 to decorate giant snowmen and overpasses with stalactites in the city center, all offers were far above the Metropolitan's allocation.

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