BursaRay fee return system could not make fair transport pricing possible

BursaRay fee return system was not able to make fair transportation pricing possible. No explanation has been made about this. The citizen discovered his device. When the lines are extended, it is late for BursaRay. However, the arrival of the system of reimbursement did not enable fair transportation pricing.
Example: When I go to work six days of the week, I use BursaRay between Organize Sanayi and Esentepe. Since I only went to two stations, the 1.75 TL's 25 penny is initially returned and my arrival is 1.5 TL. Line length 2 km. The passenger from the same station with me goes to Arabayatağı 15 km. 1.75 TL pays for the line. How is that justice?
Dear officials, this price policy is unsuccessful, unfair and a victim of citizenship. 5 station 1.5 TL and then after taking it from the limit of the station without the limit to get only 25 penny difference is not logical.
Each station must be priced separately if a fair transportation pricing is targeted. A base price is placed, the passenger first rides to BursaRay starting from the station and a gradual price is applied. The remaining balance in the station should be returned to him.
If the line is extended to Kestel, this practice deepens injustice and victimization.
In addition, short-long line separation cannot be applied on buses. Urban bus transportation is abandoned to the profit logic of the private sector. The environmental pollution created by the buses is also evident every day. It should focus more on the transportation problem of the non-wealthy citizens of Büyükşehir Bld. Taking the bus transportation in Bursa, a daily Bld. does not create any financial problems. In the past months, there were opportunities, and private public bus fares were raised.
The managers of the city should listen to the voice of the citizen. Respects.

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