I think the cable car to the valley of Beylerderesi | Malatya-Yesilyurt

I think the cable car to the valley of Beylerderesi: AK Party Yesilyurt Mayor candidate candidate Aliseydi Turan, AA visited the Bureau of Malatya.

Turan gave information about the projects he planned to implement in case of nomination and nomination.

Noting that he is a candidate for the service, Turan stated that he is considering opening Gündüzbey to tourism.

Stating that he is planning to lay a metro line between Gündüzbey and Turgut Özal Medical Center, Turan said, “I think to connect the two sides of Beylerderesi Valley with a cable car. This allows more tourists to come to Yesilyurt. Again, I think of the cable car in the Yesilyurt Susesi region. I will ensure that Kiraz Culture and Sports Festival is carried to the international dimension. Malatya is not doing well in terms of benefiting from EU support. We plan to achieve success with the employment of project experts. Again, we are thinking of establishing sub-centers in the district ”.

Turan, referring to his project called Eye to Face, “We will visit citizens door to door and listen to their problems. We have already started this. We reached 30 thousand people in the constituency. We visited many houses. I plan to continue this work in case I am nominated and selected. The impression I have made in the houses I visited and the people I met was the most important problem, the municipality was far from the people, and the people were far from the municipality. He didn't come and go. People could not meet with the person they chose ”.