This is how Atatürk showed his loyalty to his gun friend Behiç Erkin

Ataturk weapon friend Behiç Erkin 'e loyalty of showed that: Ataturk, which fought shoulder to shoulder in the War of Independence TCDD's first General Manager who flourishing Ministry Behiç Erkin his work for Turkey's railways, Tenth Anniversary Anthem modifying a sentence He rewarded.
Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Turkish War of Independence in which the flourishing Ministry with the General Directorate of TCDD that stand shoulder to shoulder, the National Intelligence Situated among the founders, Paris Embassy during thousands of Jews also saved Behiç Erkin of Turkey he changed a sentence of the Tenth Anniversary to reward his work for railways.
Erkin's death of 52-year anniversary in grave found Curly Emir Erkin's grandson attended the ceremony held in Eskisehir, AA correspondent, Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel and written by Behçet Kemal Çağlar, 29 October 1923, established the tenth of the founding of the Republic of Turkey He explained that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk examined the Tenth Year Anthem, which was selected in the competition organized for the year celebrations.
Defending that Atatürk saw a march not complying with the anthem during the examination, Kıilmez said:
“In the first form of the anthem, he smokes on every hill of the country, smokes the line of smoke. Later, he writes, "We knit with iron nets four times from the main country." My grandfather Behiç Erkin, who was present at that time, turned to Erkin and said, “The smoke tobacco smoke in every hill of the country did not fully reflect the value of your labor. He wiped and said, 'I wrote the iron dormitory with four iron nets' from the beginning. This is how my grandfather thanked Mustafa Kemal. The Tenth Anthem is revised by Atatürk in 1933 and takes its final form. There is also the most beautiful expression of the reward for the labor of the railroads. ”
- “He chose to stay in the shade”
Kıilmez reported that Behiç Erkin was willing to have his memoirs published a year after his death.
Stating that Erkin is one of those who do not like to understand what he is doing, Kıilmez said:
“Although he did many firsts, he wanted them all to be announced a year after his death. Many things have lived and have been honored many times by Atatürk. He preferred to stay in the shade because he had humility. Behiç Bey shows that he loves the people of Eskişehir by handing him over to the city until the hereafter. It is very sad that the people of Eskişehir do not know who is lying there.

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