Ankara Istanbul Fast Train Ticket Prices 70-80 TL

ankara istanbul quick train prices kac para tcdd guncel prices
ankara istanbul quick train prices kac para tcdd guncel prices

Ankara Istanbul high speed train ticket prices 70-80 TL: Transport Minister Binali Yildirim had heralded that the high speed train service would start in February 2014. Trains, which are both regular, fast and inexpensive means of transport, gave an amazing price this time. Ankara Istanbul high-speed train ticket prices lip-blowing. 3 hours 15 minutes The ticket price of Ankara Istanbul YHT will be between 70-80 TL.

The high-speed train line between Ankara Eskisehir and Ankara Konya now connects Ankara to Istanbul. YHT's ticket prices, which will be highly demanded especially because they connect the two big cities to each other quickly, almost compete with the plane. Fast and safe high-speed train is also preferred because it is cheap. But this time it did not. It is announced that the high-speed train ticket prices are in the 50-5 TL range, while the bus can go to Ankara from Istanbul to a number like 70 TL and 80 in half hours. Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim announced that the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train will enter service in February or March, ticket prices and details of travel time began to be certain.

Between Ankara-Istanbul, 12 station, travel time will be 3 hours 15 minutes. The reason why the time previously described as 3 hours is extended by 15 minutes; The completion of the tunnel work in Sakarya. The general principle about ticket prices is that it will be cheap from the plane and expensive from the bus. High-speed train ticket prices will be in the 70-80 lira range.

Ankara-Istanbul YHT Stations

  • Ankara Railway Station
  • Xinjiang
  • Polatli
  • Eskişehir
  • bozüyük
  • Bilecik
  • Pamukova
  • Arifiye
  • Sapanca
  • İzmit
  • Gebze
  • Pendik

TCDD High Speed ​​Train Map:


Other Train Schedules and Prices

  • Bus from Karaman to Konya 4 TL
  • Kutahya - Eskisehir Train Ticket 10 TL
  • Carpooling Konya to Karaman 14 TL
  • Kayseri - Ankara Train Tickets 21 TL
  • Ankara - Kayseri Train Tickets 21 TL
  • Ankara - Eskisehir Train Ticket 31 TL
  • Eskisehir - Ankara Train Tickets 31 TL
  • Konya - Ankara Train Tickets 36 TL
  • Arifiye - Eskisehir Train Ticket 44 TL
  • Istanbul - Eskisehir Train Tickets 46 TL
  • Eskisehir - Istanbul Train Tickets 46 TL
  • Bus from Gebze to Eskisehir 46 TL
  • Ankara - Kars Train Tickets 48 TL
  • Kars - Ankara Train Tickets 48 TL
  • Ankara - Arifiye Train Tickets 61 TL
  • Train from Arifiye to Ankara 61 TL
  • Istanbul - Ankara Train Tickets 71 TL
  • Ankara - IstanbulTrain Ticket 71 TL
  • Gebze - Ankara Train Tickets 71 TL
  • Bus from Ankara to Gebze 71 TL

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