Alstom Transport to be Tender for High Speed ​​Train

Alstom Transport 90 cars will enter the High Speed ​​Train Tender: the opening in the coming months in Turkey who plan to participate in the expected 90-vehicle high-speed train tender Alstom Transport Turkey General Manager Art Faith, entering this year xnumx'inc years 'Pendolino' model was brought to the forefront, ”The 25 speed up to the speed of the mileage and the speed of travel is shortened by approximately 250, due to the lack of speed loss on the rail bend with the tilting body technology, yüzde he said.
In the 5 years xnumx'unc Development Plan, which outlined the road map of Turkey's economy, by the end of last year 10 kilometers of high-speed train line length, aimed 888 2018 thousand kilometers removal in 2. TCDD continues to expand its high-speed rail network and continue to concentrate.
Energy, as well as in Turkey, where it operates since the year about 60 closely in the field of transport, metro railways auctions featured the French Alstom and especially Istanbul, TCDD is closely following the auction. 90 vehicles tenders prepared Alstom Transport Turkey General Manager Anil Faith, DHA questions yanatlark that, 13 countries in total 492 train serving 'Pendolino' high-speed train model, iIt said they were working with the power to give to Turkey railways. Arda Faith, Germany, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, such as the railway transportation of the world's highly developed on the country's 13 country rails Pendolino'nun, now the most proven model in the market has expressed itself.
At the factory in Savigliano, Italy, Pendolino's latest developed form 'ETR600' continues its production for Polish and Swiss railways. Arda İnanç, explained the privileges offered by Pendolino by his body technology:
Abil Pendolino is able to reach 250 miles per hour. In addition to being fast, it is another feature that makes this train special. Thanks to this technology, trains can enter the curves faster. Since the speed is not lost in the curves, the transportation time is reduced by approximately 20. In addition, passenger comfort is also considered when entering the curves. There is also a technology that we use to ensure that passengers do not experience too much shock. Because there is no shake, the road does not hold the passengers much longer. S
'Pendolino' high-speed trains currently in Turkey, which underlined that it has the property of being capable of operating in existing conventional lines Faith, "improvements to be made in infrastructure a sufficient condition for the operation of the train. In other words, as there are no high-speed trains (SCO), there is no need to lay a railway, so there is a serious cost savings on the part of the cost. Yani
Pendolino trains, but also for Turkey's bumpy and winding Located rail lines in the region appear to be an appropriate solution that emphasizes faith, he continued:
"Turkey's investments in infrastructure, with Europe 'operations together (interoperability) is carried out in accordance with principle. Pendolino trains TSI standard having high-speed trains in the application of this principle, with the addition of Turkey to the appropriate onboard signaling equipment, here is a solution compatible for infrastructure. "
Faith added that the interior design of the trains is designed according to the wishes and expectations of the customers.
Emphasizing the place of Alstom in the railway market, Arda İnanç added:
Birisi Alstom Transport is one of the world's undisputed leaders in high-speed and high-speed trains. One-third of the trains used in the world were produced by Alstom. We are talking about a product of this brand that has been accepted in the world since 25. Therefore, to see such a train in Turkey not only as a manager in Alstom, at the same time I want to use this as a fast passenger trains.


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