Aksaray-Airport metro failed to walk on the rails (Video)

When the Aksaray-Airport metro broke down, the citizens walked on the rails: After the breakdowns of the 'project of the century' Marmaray, the subway broke down this time. The people had to walk on the rails.
Aksaray-airport time of the metro, this morning, the hours of 09: 00 queues failed. The metro station, which is in an area close to the bus station, has lost its mobility.
Upon the fault announcement, the passengers in the subway jumped from the opening doors. Passengers who had to walk in the area with rails for a while reached to Otogar Metro station and continued to take another metro. What happened in the subway was viewed by the citizen Mehmet Güleryüz. Recorded images show that the citizens jumped from the open gates of the elevated subway to the rails. Crowds of people walking in the area where the rails are guided by the security guards coming to the area are sent to the bus station.
For a while, the citizens of the bus station then reached the bus station continued on the road.

Source: news.gazetevatan.com



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