Tender was made for Adana-mersin High Speed ​​Train Line

Tender for Adana-mersin High Speed ​​Train Line: The double track railway 4, which is located between Adana and İçel, will even be issued.
The construction of the project will start in the middle of next year.
AK Party Adana Deputy, Plan and Budget Commission member Mehmet Şükrü Erdinç reminded Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, of the 4 important good news that Prime Minister Erdoğan gave in Adana on June 2011, 5, during the commission meetings. Erdinç explained that the airport on the D-400 Highway is finished, the Ziyapaşa intersection is about to finish, the Şakirpaşa Airport terminal building has been renovated, and the works on the 2nd phase of the Adana Metro are ongoing, and how the Southern Ring Road Project and Konya-Adana High Speed ​​Train Project are asked.
Stating that building a ring road to cities is a more expensive job in other road construction works due to the expropriation of that road route, Minister Yıldırım said, “But now, municipalities have implemented 18 applications within the municipal area, and because that right covers all borders with the new Metropolitan Law outside the municipality area. In the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality makes these expropriations, finishes them, hand them over to us, and we make the way. Expropriation works are carried out by means of consolidation, so no payment is made. What is this situation, what is the municipality doing? Instead of the land of the citizen that coincides with this road, another land is given to the public and it is halal. Thus, the road goes from there, that's the job ”.
Minister Yıldırım said about the High Speed ​​Train Project between Konya and Adana:
“The distance between Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice is 346 kilometers. The high-speed train that will operate will speed up to 200 kilometers per hour. In order for this to happen, this 346-kilometer line must be removed to double lines and transformed into electrical and signaled. The tender for the 102-kilometer Konya-Karaman section has been completed, and the evaluation studies have been completed. Its construction will begin in 2014. The projects of the 135-kilometer Karaman-Ulukışla section have been completed and the construction tender will be launched. The examination of the projects belonging to the 109-kilometer Ulukışla-Yenice section continues, and the construction tender will be launched. In addition, we have an existing train running between Adana and İçel at a speed of 160 kilometers and going to and from the double line. The 3rd and 4th line construction tender for this line was held on 14 November 2013, construction works will start in 2014.

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