8 Thousand Yearly Date 170 Thousand Visitors

marmaray excavations
marmaray excavations

8 coming from Marmaray 170 thousand visitors to a thousand years of history: While the foundation of Marmaray was laid in 2004, no one predicted that there would be works to change the history of the city. In recent days, the excavations revealed that the 40 can be exhibited over a thousand works. The history of Istanbul took 8 a thousand years ago.

Marmaray's Yenikapi station, including the replica of the original works of the ships began to be exhibited. 25 In June, 3 visited the ”Stories from the Hidden Harbor lı exhibition at 170. The sunken ships 25 of domestic and foreign visitors can be seen until December.
In the excavations, the footsteps of people belonging to 8 a thousand years ago, as well as the buried ships, animal bones, daily objects, houses, graves were found. Archaeological Museum began to be exhibited art works. 5 emerging during excavations. Theodosius Harbor ruins and other artifacts from the area are described in two main chapters. Two of the 37 shipwreck ships are exhibited together with their load. It is possible to see the walnut, cherry and melon cores carried by the ships. 8 is one of the most remarkable works of Istanbul. The section on the 4 footprint also contains findings on daily life. There are videos about the boards and ships describing the transformation that Yenikapı has gone through in thousands of years. There are animal bones and daily items.

Archaeological excavations have workshops when it's over

Archaeological excavations in the Yenikapı Transfer Station area of ​​58 thousand square meters have been completed. Excavations were made in connection with Marmaray, Istanbul Metro and Aksaray-Airport Light Metro connection. 600 worker, 60 archaeologist, 7 architect, 6 restorer, 6 art historian, 4 museum officer worked in the fully excavated area. Excavations in the Marmaray area were over in 2010. Finally, excavations in a small area in the Aksaray-Yenikapı connection were completed. Works completed in the workshop are transferred to the Archaeological Museum's warehouse. The works over the 40 bin coming from the field meet the public with exhibitions from time to time. All of the works will be exhibited at the Arkeopark, which will be established in Yenikapı.

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