What did citizens say about Marmaray? (Photo gallery)

What citizens said to Marmaray: 29 Marmaray, which was commissioned in October, was of great interest to citizens this weekend. Separation taken in the operation 13 in the Fountain-Kazlıçeşme section until November 15 free time to take advantage of the opportunity to visit, citizens who want to see Marmaray this weekend, children, young and old, flocked to Marmaray.
All ages Marmaray citizens from all professions not only in Istanbul, Turkey horizon that the more open, the development in every sense it is almost icon, Asia and form a continuous railway line between Europe stated that they were very excited and proud of the Marmaray .
Vb Marmaray made our life easier, the ferry and so on. transferring the vehicles to the places we go now, not just hours of travel, but in minutes, expressed in a very comfortable and safe way. 'The citizens of Marmaray, Gebze-Halkalı between the completion of the stage, by providing integration with other transport networks to reach a faster, more comfortable transportation, He said Istanbul would be a truly European city.
Citizens' opinions:
Özlem Karademir (Student): Marmaray provides fast and comfortable transportation. The ferry, bus waiting, traffic clogged will not be a problem, I believe Marmaray is safe.
Halim Petekçi (Naval Engineer): I'll ride for the first time today (I'm very excited. It will save you a lot of time altındaki We will pass through the tube passage under the sea floor ya I find it very safe. May Allah bless all those who work.
Bilnu Petekçi (Housewife): I have been riding to Marmaray since it was commissioned. I kept the clock gid In the past, wait for the ferry, no bus wait, traffic clogged when you spend hours on the road saying, now we are going to where we are going in minutes.
Abdurrahman Bilgiç (Shoemaker): We came to ride a family in Marmaray. We'il try it for the first time. We will pass Asia and Europe continents in 4 minutes. I have no doubt about safe. We thank those who did.
Hüseyin Sönmez (Self-employed): We will ride for the first time today. We've been following since the day you opened, we waited for the intensity to decrease, but today it is very crowded takip But we didn't have much trouble. We live in Halkalı. It will be even better when Marmaray starts working in Gebze-Halkalı. I find Marmaray safe.
Hatice Mahmutoğlu (Housewife): Very nice project güzel We thank those who contributed.
Nurten Göker (Uni. Employee): I find it as fast as it is fun. I'm excited. My home and work are on different continents. Formerly 1.5 - 2 went to work on the hour and Marmaray'la this time 40 minutes fell. There may be some problems. This is the first and the new project. There were some problems when the Metrobus first started working. But these problems are resolved. As people get used to, the problems decrease.
Nurhan Güven (Retired): Great project. A project that facilitates our lives. It will be much nicer when integrated with other transport networks. I don't have a hesitation about being safe.
Ufuk Kaya (Chemist): We will ride for the first time. I find it safe. It will be much better when it comes to integration with other transport projects.
Ahmet Efe (Retired): We will ride for the first time today. Very big service erken We will now use Marmaray when crossing over. A project made with the newest and most advanced technology therefore I have no doubt about its safety.
Fixed Tobacco (Self-Employed): I was passing by because of my job. I will leave the car and use Marmaray. Both quick and comfortable Hem
Şeyda Yıldız (Self-employment): A project that facilitates human life. I think it's safe. If it was dangerous, it wouldn't be that much labor and money.
Nihat Kıralli (Tekstilci): Very nice project s We arrived in Yenikapı to Üsküdar in 10 minutes. I don't think there's anything negative in the project.
Hayrettin Çolak (Self-employed): We will ride for the first time. I will prefer Marmaray instead of my car. I find it safe.
Ceyda Ceylan (self-employed): Marmaray shortened the journey time. I have half an hour. Metrobüsten more comfortable ı Now we will prefer Marmaray. I find it safe.
Halit Kasımoğlu (Mechanical Eng.): I am in the sector. Very nice very big project büyük I think there should be parking at some points. I find it safe. It is safer than the skyscrapers above dı There is no security problem in a sector where technology is used so heavily.
Avni Cesur (Retired) Very nice project. A secure project. The subway on Vatan Street is also under ground in There is no difference from it. With such projects, Istanbul will take a sigh of relief.
Yalçın Saygılar's poem, also written for Marmaray:
What great happiness is such works
You're opening new ages Marmaray
Cuddling and making love
Carriage to the continents Marmaray
You've been a century old, you're real
This nation will love you
Happy future you will be
Join the continents Marmaray
Sick man said they were born in the republic
Bozkır was the capital of Ankara
Moon star over top of crescent moon
You're one of them Marmaray
My country beat the ignorance of the bully
Civilization fell on her share
Peace has made peace with the world
Hope you've been the core of Marmaray
The project of the century
Of course it should be the difference of my country
Turned wheel from Edirne to Kars
You are the country torch Marmaray
How many lovers come from past
How many bodies do I know
Numerous tonnage vessels
You found quiet silence in Marmaray
How we are happy nation nation
Thousands worked day and night
Centuries of evidence
New museums were in Marmaray
How much pride the architect
You were the sun
Beginning of the New Ages
The Silk Road
How many wonders do you know?
All sides of the crown
You're my dream
Like Ferhat dele dele Marmaray
I am in love with Yalçın
What I can tell you is a little slice
In my love with this pen
I crowned you, Marmaray

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