Trees are transported live in Eskişehir during tramway construction

Trees are transported live during the tramway construction in Eskişehir: During the tramway works in Eskişehir, the trees on the roadside in the Şehit Yüzbaşı Tuncer Güngör street are removed from the trees by the Metropolitan Municipality teams and transferred to the areas where they will be planted again.
According to the information received from the authorities, many trees are cut from this method by being removed from the ground, removed by cranes and trees are planted in new areas to be planted. Authorities, the trees are not easy to dislodge from the displacement, but they are doing all they can and they are very pleased that they are adding to this.
In the case of dismantling the trees and transporting them live, the citizens in the area have stated that they are very positive about the municipality.

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