Prime Minister Erdogan praises Kardemir and Karabuk University

And Kardemir Karabük University from Prime Minister Praises: Science, Industry and Technology Ministry by the ATO Congresium held at the Center "Middle and High Technology Products Production Base in Eurasia, Turkey's" main theme 3. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who attended the Industry Shura Meeting, praised KARDEMİR and Karabük University with praise.
Prime Minister Erdogan, in his speech şuara University collaboration industry best example of making the emphasis that between Karabük University and KARDEMİR, "Today in Turkey, so why these investments were realized great speed train investments not considered as an opportunity to produce high-speed railway wagons and rail in this country. For example, recently, it was decided to cooperate in the production of long life rail at KARDEMİR, testing at the university site and providing technical support of TCDD between the State Railways-Karabük University and KARDEMİR. In this context, Turkey was the first time the University of Karabük Rail Systems Engineering Department was opened. Not only is this example that even if all the institutions live in a mindset revolution now that we are approaching a very different perspective problems in Turkey, we are taking the steps in the future is already showing clear. With such studies, we aim to increase the ratio of R & D expenditures to National Income by 2023 and the share of high technology products in production to 3 by 20 until alar.
Prime Minister Erdoğan's appreciation of both KARDEMİR and Karabük University made them very satisfied.
Turkey's first and only 72 meters fast and regular rail produces and find if the Prime Minister before the new investments made in this area said that delights themselves KARDEMİR Inc. General Manager Fadil Demir, "KARDEMİR and success we've achieved in cooperation made by the Karabük University and rail systems The fact that our government has been closely followed and praised by our government has added a different honor and excitement to us. This speech of our Prime Minister has given us strength and excitement. As KARDEMİR, we have 72 meter long international quality rail production as well as locomotive and wheel. Only these investments are an investment of over $ 1 million. We have scissors production as well as rail production. There is a theoretical laboratory for the development of these productions. 140 kilometer test track is established for rail systems. We have made a separate contribution to it with the engineering of rail systems established within KBU and we have made it our goal to develop our production scientifically. 3 Mill will be the center of production of Karabük rail systems with our factory which is coming to annual production. We are already producing the main productions used in rail systems as Karabük. With a serious effort, we have opened the next troubles and soon some investments will come into play. Karabük will be one of the locomotive cities of both the country and the region with these productions. Karab
Rector of Karabuk University Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Prime Minister Erdogan's speech at his speech with the 6 year-old Karabük University has a history of the correct way once again to show themselves happy, he said.
Rector Uysal conveys his gratitude to the government of KARDEMİR and the people of Karabük, who gave this honor to the universities and the city. Further work will motivate our work for us. Not based on ideas, engineers from Karabük University's Rail Systems Engineering department will play an important role in the development of the country. We have also contributed to KARDEMİR's contributions to the Iron and Steel Institute, which was established at our university, and to keep our foreign currency in our country. We are realizing not only foreign exchange but also know-how. This will further increase the competitiveness of our country. As KBU, our biggest aim is doing all the works to become a valley of rail systems. We will soon be working on the 3 mileage test center. With the decision taken by our government, 51 domestic production is demanded in rail systems. This is to be tested in the production of the iron and steel institute established in Karabük University will be done by our test centers. These studies provinces in Turkey. In short, while the university-industry cooperation remains so called in other cities, we hereby make this cooperation and 3 cooperate for years. We use KARDEMİR's 76 accumulation as KBU and we have hundreds of ongoing projects. Our students have the chance to train in the production area and this reveals our awareness once again. Öğ

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