The Lost Railroad was unearthed (Photo Gallery)

The lost railway came to light: The Golden Horn-Black Sea Field Line, which was built to transport coal and troops to Istanbul during the First World War, reappeared by the work of Kağıthane Municipality. The work of the line, which is planned to connect the Golden Horn and the Anatolian Side, will begin in the future.
The Kağıthane Municipality unearthed the Golden Horn-Black Sea Field Line, which was built to transport coal and troops to Istanbul during the First World War. The line, which starts from Istanbul (Silahtarağa Thermal Power Plant) and separates into two branches in Kemerburgaz, reaches the Black Sea through the villages of Ağaçlı and Çiftalan. The line, which was built in 1914 and started its operations in 1916, was removed in 1952, with traces disappearing over the years. The railway, consisting of a 62-kilometer line, reappeared by the work of Kağıthane Municipality. The line, which will be connected to the Golden Horn and the Anatolian Side using the same route, will revive the photos in the archives.
Kağıthane Mayor Fazlı Kılıç reminded that he had intense works on the Golden Horn-Kağıthane-Sahara Line and reminded that the line was started in 1914 and served in 1916 and 1920. Stating that they have been working for two years to reveal the line, Mayor Kılıç stated that they have accelerated the works with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and that they have applied to the Board of Monuments to register the line. Explaining that they want to make the road available for the line usable, Kılıç continued as follows: “Our plans are gradually over and started to be implemented. When the factories on the line are completely removed, we will start the line operation in an elephant manner. From the moment we started to work, the line will go beyond a nostalgic, historical, cultural line that we think will be considered as a more functional line. Because the railway line will merge with Yavuz Sultan Selim, the third bridge near Çiftalan village in the north. ”
Saying that the line will be operational using the route 100 years ago, Mayor Fazlı Kılıç stated that the line will also pass through the Belgrade Forest, but no trees will be cut. Stating that there was no tree in the area where the train passed, President Kılıç said: “Therefore, there are no trees that have grown later. The route is clear and there is no tree cut on that route. ”
On the other hand, rail tracks and some milestones are exhibited in the Open Air Museum located in the garden of Kağıthane Municipality.
The route of the line is as follows: “Starting from the power plant in Silahtarağa, following the west coast of Kağıthane Creek, it will go north and pass through Göktürk - Kemerburgaz. The line, which is divided into two in Kemerburgaz, one of the branches of Kağıthane Creek and one of the branches will follow the Kâ Kağıthane Creek and pass under Uzunkemer and meet the Black Sea in the village of Ağaçlı. The other branch will pass through the Belgrad Forest and reach the Black Sea from Çiftalan village.

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