Isparta-Burdur rail transport can not carry passengers?

Is the Isparta-Burdur railway carrying passengers? Isparta-Burdur train services were abolished on November 4, 2004 on the grounds that the rails on the line lost the quality of being suitable for transportation and need to be renewed, but freight transportation was continued.
After the renewal of the lines between Burdur and Isparta, freight transportation continued. But, Burdur's passenger train was not returned. Despite the abolition of train services that carry passengers from Burdur to Isparta, Izmir and Istanbul, freight transportation to our city continued without interruption. 2012 thousand 206 tons of cargo was transported in 390 as a raw material requirement of a private sector enterprise.
Rightly; in this case the citizen asks; Is there a private sector for rail transport? Do these railways carry 60 tons of cargo capacity and cannot carry lighter passenger trains?
Like many towns and cities, it started to develop with the arrival of the train route in Burdur. With the promise made by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during his visit to Burdur on March 6, 1930, the railway and the railway were built on May 26, 1936. The railroad reaching the city brought the city economy to attack. Cargoes sent to Burdur by train from Istanbul and Izmir to Antalya were started to be transported to Antalya by trucks from Burdur. This contributed to the mobilization of the economy in the city. Burdur; He had the opportunity to travel to Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara by train.
On November 4, 2004, Burdur first lost access to Isparta by train. Isparta-Burdur train services have been removed on the grounds that railways have damaged this line and there are not enough passengers. On March 3, 2008, the expeditions of the Göller Region Express, which operates on the Burdur-İzmir line, on the grounds that the railway line between Burdur and Gümüşgün has become intact, is worn, dangerous and the line needs to be renewed. On 24 July 2008, Burdur-Isparta-Istanbul Pamukkale Express flights were also removed for the same reasons. From that time on, Burdur longed for the train. He wants his train back, waiting.
The subject of 'High Speed ​​Train', which will go from Eskişehir to Antalya for a few years, is on the agenda. However, there is no final decision yet. Also, with the most optimistic estimate, the construction and commissioning of the High Speed ​​Train takes almost 10 years. In other words, there is no development in Burdur's prospects for passenger transportation in the short term. Burdur expects passenger trains to be rebuilt on the railways, which were built in 1936 under the orders of Atatürk. Burdurlu wants the train back!

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