Elephant train in India hit by herd (Video)

Train in India hit a flock of elephants: 2 fry, 7 elephant died when a passenger train struck east of India into a herd of elephants passing by railroad tracks.
Hiten Burman, head of West Bengal's Forestry Minister, announced that the train, driving at the 80 mile per hour in the Chapramari Forest, crashed into a herd of elephant 40.
According to a statement issued by Burman, elephants who had escaped during the accident then turned to the railway and waited for hours at the beginning of the deceased herd members. The elephants were barely chased by railroad guards and forest guards.
Burman pointed out that a corridor was created for elephants in the Jalpaiguri region of 670 to Calcutta, which is the state capital of Kolkata.
Only in 2004 in West Bengal state has died at least in the 50 elephant train accidents. In India, where elephants are considered national heritage, many national parks and forests pass through the forests. In India, the 26 bin elephant is believed to have lived.


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