Logistics I have gone to the end I do not know the return?

Logistics is going back to the know I don't know the return is going to be? The Minister Bayraktar's comments about the logistics center, and said that he was sorry to hear the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister thinks that he will not return after this.
Günebakış: Dear Sir, First of all we say good luck. 30 March In the local elections to be held on 2014, you declared that you are candidate for Mayor candidate from Sürmene. For many years, you have also served as the President of ÇAYSİAD in Trabzon, in the commercial sector. You are now thinking of active politics. Let's talk about this.
Rahmi Üstün: Actually I was not far from politics. Since 1990, I was in politics in the provincial administrations and later in Surmene as head of the district. Since my father also loved politics, I would look after him since I was a child, so I was always in politics. But the truth is, I didn't like to go into too much politics. MPs also insisted that Mr. Sait Yazicioglu had been the candidate for me to run for the mayoral elections in the last election. But in the circumstances of that day my work was not very appropriate. I said, 'I can't.'
Daytime: 24 will be the mayor of the clock. So you're gonna get out of your business sector. Are you ready for this?
Rahmi Üstün: Young people in the family have grown up now. I'm currently in this company as already represented only. Therefore, I work as a representative because children, brother, and nephews manage. I am thinking of being within the scope of a verb municipal services. I think it would be better if Allah would have blessed him.
What is the situation of Sürmene from yesterday to today? Did you feel a need or responsibility?
Rahmi Üstün: Everyone knows many of the people in the region. A district with a history, history and history. Until 20-30 years ago, everyone would like to visit Sürmene, come and visit. He'd like to see the tolerance of his people. But in the last 20 years something has changed in Surmene. He started to fall back from neighboring districts. Neighboring districts began to pass us. We are living in Surmene. Now it's time to say stop. The last 4-5 has been a year, some things started to happen in Surmene. During the presidency of Fikri Bey, visually beautiful things started to be done. But that's not enough. It is not only possible to keep Surmene's people here with the visual. The migration from Surmene and Trabzon continues at full speed. First of all, it is necessary to open up the business fields and to employ people. So people born here need to get some opportunities to work here.
In this context, do you believe that you can get this support from outside businessmen?
Rahmi Üstün: Of course. We're also negotiating with them.
Daylight: So you won't be a resigned mayor.
Rahmi Üstün: I will not be. Anyway, it's closed in and it doesn't. If resolved, many problems have been solved so far. We will try to use the outside facilities of Surmene here. If we can achieve this, I think we can open jobs for people here. So people don't migrate.
There is a logistic event outside Sürmene. What do you think about this? Where did the incident come from? How was it?
Rahmi Üstün: I personally thank Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan about logistics. We went to Hong Kong with him for an exhibition. We had to tour the logistics center there. We had great dreams for the Çamburnu Logistics Center here. If the logistics center of the shipyard area opens, new job pitches will open, we had the hope that about 3-5 thousand people will work. However, I also heard the statement that Mr. Erdoğan Bayraktar, the logistics of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was shifted to İyidere-Of during the festival of celebration on the Feast of Sacrifice. I, personally, are very sorry. I wish they were able to evaluate Yeniay Shipyard in this way. At this point, I think maybe there are deficiencies in the managers of Sürmene. The local rulers may not have put too much pressure on them and did not persist. Will it be back? Now it seems to be difficult after the Prime Minister.
Günebakış: In this process, I think for nomination in Sürmene, there will be many candidate candidates in the AK Party. Is this a race? What will be the process?
Rahmi Üstün: Of course a race. But this race is sweet, a nice race. It is often said that the citizen's attitude poll will be respected. Since we will not be forced to do anything after the citizen does not want us, if the citizen chooses whomever he or she chooses, then our friend will be a candidate. We'il wait and see the result.
Günebakış: In this sense, did you start a study in the countryside? The villages will also vote in these local elections. Is there any interest from the public after the candidate has announced your candidacy?
Rahmi Üstün: As a result of the public's insistence, I decided to become a candidate candidate. There is an interest from the village and the center. I've already been in Sürmene for 58 years. We have one-on-one acquaintance with his village, his neighborhood and all his people. Due to the sector, we have a one-to-one relationship with people because of the sector we work in, it was their pressure. I decided to become a candidate candidate.
Günebakış: Of course, after a certain period of time, people want to serve their own towns and leave a work behind.
Rahmi Ustun: I thought of that too. I'm 58. I thought they'd start to call me the old man now. Wait a while, wait another term. The young people are waiting for a path to be given to them. Our age has gone right there.
sunshine: We say good luck.
Rahmi Üstün: Thank you.

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