Fast train in Erzurum horizon

There are high-speed trains in the Erzurum horizon: Altıparmak; Iyor The high speed train project is already projected to Erzincan. We have to force it to reach to Erzurum. We need to focus on these arguments Bu.
Dr. KUDAKA held last week in Austria and Germany evaluating the Governor of Erzurum. Ahmet Altıparmak stated that Erzurum is a province with a lot of sunshine and that it should benefit from solar energy systems.
Governor Altınparmak visited the Northeast Anatolia Development Agency and received a briefing from General Secretary Talha Bekir Özmen. Özmen said that the TRA1 region covering the provinces of Erzurum-Erzincan-Bayburt is the lowest in terms of population density. Özmen 55 recorded that they have received a thousand 380 projects so far. 1 3 of the country's population percentage of the beneficiaries of the project transfer rate of XNUMX said that the General Secretary Özmen investors are given all kinds of support and encouraged to invest, he added.
Governor Altiparmak stated that there is an investment support office in Erzurum and Bayburt and that this office should work separately from the agency and should focus only on Erzurum. Governor Altiparmak said that the train should be worked to reach the high speed train; Iyor The high speed train project is already projected to Erzincan. We have to force it to reach to Erzurum. Soldiers, students and tourists will use the high-speed train. Tourists from Iran and neighboring countries prefer the high-speed train to go to the inner areas. We need to focus on these arguments Bu.
Evaluating the trip to Austria and Germany last week by KUDAKA, Governor Altıparmak stated that they wanted to make Erzurum a high-altitude camp center and they wanted to benefit from the accumulation of advanced countries. Drawing attention to the fact that Austria is at a good level in this area, Altıparmak said, bir How did we carry their knowledge and knowledge here? Erzurum and we can make an attractive place for summer camps will win, and Turkey will win, "he said.
In Germany, while examining the solar energy systems on which the Governor of Altınparmak said that more than the day of the year 300 Erzurum and should take advantage of this kind of energy drew attention to. Emphasizing that solar energy is the cleanest and most endless energy in the world, Altıparmak added that foreign companies in this sector have an interest in Erzurum and that they will be the followers.
Listening to the work of the institution with the briefing of the KUDAKA Governor Altiparmak units to meet with the staff met one by one. Deputy Governor Ömer Hilmi Yamlı was present at the visit of Governor Altıparmak during his visit to KUDAKA.

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