The Germans 3. Fear of the airport

Peter Schmitz, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for Operation, Fraport, who operates 3 airports in the world, headquartered in Frankfurt, said: “Frankfurt is one of the most important transfer points in Europe. ...
Peter Schmitz, Member of the Board of Operations Responsible for ICF, the joint company of IC Holding and Fraport, which is based in Germany, operates Antalya Airport, 10 of 1100 employees are Turkish. Noting that the area hosted 500 thousand aircraft and 58 million passengers last year, Schmitz announced that 2 million cubic meters of cargo were transported.
Fraar Board Member Yaşar Döngel, General Manager Dirk Schusdziara, Security Consultant Natık Canca and Corporate Communications Chief Tuğba Soğukpınar came to Fraport's headquarters at Frankfurt Airport with a group of journalists.
Peter Schmitz, Member of the Fraport Board of Directors, emphasized that the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul will be rivals, “The economic weight in transfers to the East will shift there. Istanbul will be a natural transfer hub. THY's aggressive growth plans will support this. "There will be no competition in terms of passengers between Frankfurt and Istanbul in this sense, but there will certainly be a competition as there will of course be airports of the same character in general."

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