Special care for trams in Eskişehir (Photo Gallery)

Special care for trams in Eskişehir: Every year in Eskişehir, hundreds of thousands of people prefer the light rail trams that are preferred by the city in the city.
34 314 thousand passengers carried in the past year, and this number increased by 3 every year, the number of trams, 05.20'dan 01.00'a night until the city provides services to the people. The maintenance and repair of the 33 trams running on two separate lines is carried out by a dedicated team of 30 people every night. The 5 is located in the Estram Maintenance Workshop on a separate road, trams are cleaned, parts are changed, heavy maintenance works are done and painted.
Estram Electric-Electronic Maintenance Chief Erhan Sezgin, who talked about the operation and working conditions of the Estram Maintenance Workshop, told that they worked with 30 personnel during 3 hours in 24 shifts. Sezgin stated that there are 33 pieces of tram within the city transportation and daily maintenance is done every day. Sezgin said, yapıl In the tram maintenance workshop, maintenance and repairs of trams are taking place. Workshop 5 consists of different ways. From the first route, cleaning is carried out from the work of the parts to the work of the paintwork, wheel turning and heavy maintenance activities. There is also an elevator system in the workshop where the trolleys are removed and the lower wheel set removed. Occasionally, there is also the form of wheel losses on the wheels, the ground wheel for the removal of deformations. 3 engineer in the workshop, 4 electrical maintenance technician, painting master, bodywork and welding master and subcontractor cleaning work we are carrying out with the company, '' he said.
Trams time, the company said that they are the most effective in terms of rate in Turkey Erhan Sezgin's words continued as follows:
. We employ specially trained personnel at the Estram maintenance workshop. Our staff received training on trams in overseas support. maintenance workshops in Ankara and Samsun in Turkey have established almost the same workshop modeled after us. We gave them the necessary support. In addition to routine maintenance, all failures are reported to our unit as soon as possible. Periodic maintenance is carried out once a thousand kilometers 10 30-35 is done once a day. In short, they are taken care of every month. One of our fundamental philosophy of arrangement of parts of the tram from Turkey. We use domestic construction including glass. ''
Sezgin mentioned that they took precautions against the problems such as scratches, tears and scratches on the trams. One of the most sensitive subjects was vandalism. Sezgin, '' Vatman at the last stop of the tram by checking a scratch, paint, scratch detection, the control center reports to the control center to remove and intervene in the workshop or repair the workshop by taking. Vandalism, which has become widespread in Europe, is almost never seen in Eskişehir thanks to our sensitive behavior. Trams are occasionally damaged because they are in mixed traffic. Apart from accidents, after the match days, people can be exposed to intense joy. For example, fans from the match can pass through the busy area and can make the tram. We are against Eskişehirspor and against it, we send Eskişehirspor support messages to the external indicators before and after the match. This situation also likes the citizen '' he said.

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