Havaray Transportation to the Capital

Transportation to Havaray to the Capital Environment-Friendly People-Oriented Non-Emission: Ankara Municipality serves the millions of residents of the capital as well as hundreds of thousands of guests coming from outside for business, shopping, education, traveling, entertainment, etc. Our municipality has to deal with various problems caused by this excessive density, especially environmental problems.
Traffic density and loss of time, air pollution, noise pollution, difficulty to pedestrians, etc. Gokcek administration prioritizes not the transportation of people, but the transportation of motor vehicles, which has quadrupled in twenty years, and tries to destroy the METU and AOÇ forests that Ankara has built in 90 years on the pretext of opening a road, making the future of our capital even darker.
While addressing these problems;
- An approach that gives priority to pedestrian rights in the city center and discourages and reduces motor vehicle traffic will be developed. For the sake of easy solutions, methods that deem cruelty to pedestrians and disrespectful to people will be abandoned. Transportation of people, not vehicles, will be the goal.
- For this purpose, HAVARAY (Aerial Tramway-Air Metro) lines that work with electricity and do not pollute the air will be established on the cracked hills and bumps of Ankara. In other parts of the city, at-grade high-speed trams will be established on suitable lines, and havaray lines will be established quickly in unsuitable lines.
In this way, besides investments that require large investment amounts and long-term investments such as the metro, an advanced rail transportation option suitable for the characteristics of the capital will be widely established. With this project, public transportation will be strengthened and the city center will be saved from excessive motor vehicle pressure. Priority will be given to people's transportation, not vehicles.
18 April In the 1999 Local Elections, the Havaray Project, which we prepared with the help of an expert team for Çankaya Municipality, was met with great interest and appreciation of the public and our people.
After the election, many municipalities, especially Istanbul and Ankara Anakent Municipality, wanted to implement the Havaray Project with caution and since they did not have sufficient preliminary preparations, they could not get a concrete result.
Especially in Ankara, the establishment of Havaray line between Kızılay and Keçiören was considered in the months after the election and the decision was unanimously taken from the Metropolitan Municipality Council to authorize the Department of Science for the construction of the road that will connect the ring highway to Keçiören, and the General Directorate of EGO to include the project in the 2000 Year Investment Program. . However, whatever wisdom was withdrawn from this decision, it was entered underground and could not be exited again.
In spite of this strong political support of the Municipal Assembly and the expectation of public opinion, Mr. MAG, prepared in Dincer and Karayalçın period, the foundation was laid and construction is substantially complete Metro Project does not mind the polemics and the success of the only opening through the propaganda tactics mAktAki placed on taking advantage of the sagging own era has not repeated this time.
Because original project production, development and management, Mr. It is a serious job that cannot be carried out with Gökçek's hearsay, test-error, making-breaking methods, it requires effort, knowledge and skill. It is evident from the fact that no concrete development has been achieved by the Municipality of Ankara in the Havaray Project in the last fifteen years, as it is in many basic issues that the crowd and cruelty of the word cannot eliminate such methodological deficiencies.
The implementation of the HAVARAY PROJECT between Keçiören and Esenboğa by the Ministry of Transport is a positive decision, even if it is late. .

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