3. New company for airport

  1. New company for the airport: DHMİ General Manager Orhan Birdal stated that a new company was established for the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul.
    Orhan Birdal said that the companies that won the airport tender established a new company. Birdal said, “According to the contract signed with the companies that won the tender, the implementation contract, namely the main contract, will be signed within 1 month after the establishment of the new company. The site will be delivered after the contract is signed, ”he said. Stating that it would not be correct to provide a timetable for delivery of the place, Birdal said, “Because we have to deliver the place smoothly. There are ongoing studies on the site in question. After the works are completed, we will deliver the site ”. Expressing that the work for miners in the region where the new airport will be built was carried out by the General Directorate of Mining Affairs, Orhan Birdal said, “There is no problem in the process. Everything is going well at the 3rd airport, ”he said. Explaining that the project work of the airport is continuing, Birdal noted that the negotiations with the company related to the project are continuing and that the prepared project will be submitted to the General Directorate of DHMI for approval. When the 3rd airport is completed, it will be one of the largest airports in the world with an annual passenger capacity of 150 million. A total of 5 thousand people will work during the construction phase, including subcontractors. The first stage, with a capacity of 90 million passengers, is expected to be completed in 42 months and the entire project to be completed by the end of 2018.

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