1.International Logistics Investments Conference

1.International Logistics Investments Conference
27 will host the 2013 International Logistics Investments Conference at 1 November XNUMX with the contributions of our association. This one-day event is aimed at bringing together the private sector, association and state executives under the same platform under a single roof and presenting a platform network environment in which the new investments will be discussed and discussed within the framework of bilateral and commercial relations.
In this high-level platform where government wing, national and international associations and private sector managers will meet, you can make a conference registration with special advantages to UND members in order to follow developments in Logistics Sector closely.
Conference web page: bmyevents.com - bmyevents.com
Date: 27 November 2013
Organizer: BMY Events Istanbul
Conference Venue: 5 BY Hotel - Istanbul I www.byotell.co
Professor Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, Vice Chairman of the Board, LODER Logistics Association
Capt. Alev Tunc, Board Member IMEAK DTO, General Manager, Bora Denizcilik
Sec. İbrahim Öz, Chairman of the Board, DTD Railway Transportation Association
Dr. Göktuğ Land, Transport and Infrastructure Investment Sector Manager, Ministry for EU Affairs of the European Commission Delegation to Turkey
Sec. Ayhan Eryazar, Secretary General, TREDER Trailer Manufacturers Association
Sec. Osman Doğrucu, General Manager, Green Logistics Consulting
Sec. Fevzi Filik, Project Director, Mersin Logistics Center, Çağ University Lecturer
Sec. Fatih Tunçbilek, Director of Supply Chain Management, BRİSA Bridgestone
Sec. Hacer Uyarlar, Board Member, UTİKAD
Sec. Mehmet Karaca, Supply Chain Development Manager, TOFAŞ
Sec. Selçuk Yılmaz, General Manager, TOBB UND Lojistik Yatırım A.Ş.
Sec. Gökhan Bayhan, General Manager, GE Transportation
Sec. Ahmet Fuat Erdoğan, Production Planning and Logistics Manager, KARSAN
Sec. Fatih Şener, Chief Executive Officer, UND
Sec. Kaan Gürgenç, General Manager, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Borusan Lojistik, TÜRKLİM
Sec. Hakan Gürdal, General Manager, AKÇANSA (expected to be confirmed)
Supporting Organizations:
· UTIKAD - International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association
· LODER - Logistics Association
· TREDER - Trailer Manufacturers Association
DTD - Railway Transport Association
· UND - International Freight Forwarders Association
· RAYDERileri Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association



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