8 of Domestic Tram Silkworm 50 Passed XNUMX Thousand Passengers per Day


8 Thousands of Passengers Moved Per Day: Silkworm 50 started 8 in the day, while 50 carried thousands of passengers a day and 2 million people traveled in Bursaray lines during the same period.

BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is increasing the number of passengers day by day with its service quality in sea, air, land and rail system public transportation. The Sculpture - Garage tram line, which was added to Burulaş's service network as the last link and started its passenger trips on October 12, closed the first week with more than expected. Turkey's first indigenous car with the tram in time 12 - about 20 thousand people traveling between 50 October. With the new vehicles to be commissioned, it is planned that the flight intervals will be tightened and the number of passengers will increase accordingly. Bursaray, which still serves with the caryatağı, Emek and Görgülü lines, became the most preferred means of transportation for the people of Bursa in Bayram. Over 12 million passengers have been transported with Bursaray between 20-2 October.

BUDO, which started flights on 24 January to provide an economical and healthy transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, became the most important means of transportation for holidaymakers during the holiday. With Mudanya Kabataş BUDO, the new brand of transportation between the years, carried 11 trips between 20 - 126 October and carried a total of 36 passengers. The economic price tariff of kiosks located in BUDO, which offers children, students, disabled people, veterans, relatives, the press and passengers over the age of 500, and operated by BESAŞ, is also among the important reasons for choosing passengers.

The passenger flights of the sea plane, which is one of the most important rings of the transportation investments chain of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and reduces the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to 18 minutes, also attracted great attention during the holiday. The seaplane, which operates 1 times on weekdays and 10 flights on weekends and operates at 12 percent occupancy rate, carried 100 passengers between 12 and 20 October.

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