Pedestrian Priority City

Pedestrian Priority City: Life-Long Learning Project for Providing Pedestrian Priority and Safety in Antalya City Center
During the 2011 call for proposals, 'Lifelong Learning to Ensure Pedestrian Priority and Safety in Antalya' prepared by the Antalya Governorship EU Projects Coordination Center and applied on behalf of Antalya Police Department on 28 February 2011, within the scope of Leonardo da Vinci Innovation Transfer (ToI) Projects. (Ref. 2011-1-TR1-LEO05-28038) was deemed eligible for a grant by the National Agency.
On Thursday, August 25, 2011 (at 10.30), the Governor Dr. Ahmet Altıparmak by Antalya's pedestrian-abiding and the European Union prepared by these multinational project, traffic studies started to be converted to a city that gives priority to pedestrians "Pedestrian Priority and Security" implementation in Antalya standards and hence be extended to all of Turkey and other European cities is targeted. Another multinational innovation transfer project named "Lifelong Learning through E-Learning and Applied Training for Public Vehicle Drivers" (2008-2010-TRL2008-LEO1-1), also implemented by the Governorship of Antalya in 05-031368, In the light of the experience and knowledge gained, the project was developed by the expert staff of the Governorship EU Projects Coordination Center, with the support of the personnel assigned from the Traffic Supervision Branch Directorate, in cooperation with the local partners Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Akdeniz University and Private Driving Courses Association aims to teach traffic culture to pedestrians, pedestrian culture to drivers and to bring the idea of ​​pedestrian priority to the society with an innovative approach.
Within the scope of the project, along with the sample streets to be determined in the city center of Antalya, pilot zone arrangements will be made on the 'Pedestrian Priority and Safety' in Kaleiçi and Akdeniz University campus, and awareness raising on pedestrian priority culture will be provided with supportive training and dissemination activities. In addition, by providing trainings in driver training courses and private areas in primary schools, driver candidates and students will be encouraged to adopt a culture of respect for the public in traffic, and the implementation will be extended in the later stages of the project, starting from the school community.
The European partners of the project, whose coordination will be carried out by the Antalya Governorship EU Projects Coordination Center on behalf of the Antalya Provincial Police Directorate, are the adult education institution named 'die Berater - Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft mbH' from Vienna, Austria, 'Swedish TelePedagogic Knowledge Center AB' from Nykoping, Sweden. pedagogical knowledge center and consulting and research engineering institution named 'a3 Networking Igeniería del Conocimiento, SL' from Barcelona, ​​Spain.
In 2011 an application from Turkey made a total of 125 innovation transfer project awarded the grant in the winning bid the highest grants in 21 projects 'in Antalya Pedestrian Priority and Lifetime To Ensure the Safety Learning' total budget of the project called about 400 thousand euros (1 million TL).
The eligibility period for the project will start at the earliest 1 on September 2011, with the signing of the Grant Contract by the European Union Center for Education and Youth Programs, project activities will start in November and will last for 2011 months.
As Antalya Governorship European Union Projects Coordination Center, we would like to thank all our teammates, local and foreign partners who contributed to the preparation of the project to be carried out within the scope of the activities of '2012: Project Rich Antalya' with the motto 'Antalya City Respecting Pedestrians', and we wish continued success in cooperation.



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