Uludag Ropeway's Teferrüç Station changes from head to toe (Photo Gallery)

Teferrüç Station of Uludağ Cable Car is changing completely: The cable car is changing from top to bottom. In the area where Teferrüç Station is located, a huge complex consisting of cable car station, supermarket, shopping center, hotel with a capacity of 50 rooms, meeting rooms and a parking garage is being built. The project, which is carried out quietly, has already been approved.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which started with the works of establishing a modern ropeway to make Uludağ a center of attraction again, has rolled up its sleeves to build a giant complex in the area where the cable car's central building is located, while renovating the existing cable car line. With the ropeway project, the discussions about felling trees were replaced by a new project that was carried out quietly. The study caused anxiety for the residents of the neighborhood.


According to the project, the cable car changes from top to bottom. The starting point of the project, which is planned on an area of ​​53 thousand square meters, especially on the area where the existing cable car building is located, is Piremir District ... In the area where Teferrüç Station is located, the cable car station, station units, exhibition hall, supermarket, shopping center, 50 room capacity hotel, meeting rooms, indoor parking. to do.


In the plan, the area of ​​the new ropeway building is located as a right-handed recreation area. The institution that will increase the degree of the site and ensure that the area is not touched; Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization has already approved the plan was quietly executed. Metropolitan Municipality, Yildirim Municipality, the opinion of the neighborhood muhtarlığından positive, the obstacle in front of the project was removed.


Basement floor 2.162 m2 indoor parking
Basement floor 2. 986 m2 indoor parking and supermarket
basement floor 2.785 m2 indoor parking and supermarket
Ground floor. 4.215 m2 museum, exhibition and store
1. floor 4. 620 m2 health center, food & beverage
2. 3.618 m2 hotel entrance, lobby, restaurant, store, cabin and technical rooms
3. 2.557 m2 cable car ticket sales and entry, meeting rooms, seminar hall
4. 1.970 m2 cable car platform and hotel rooms
5 and 6. Floor 1.940 m2 hotel rooms
27 in total. 853 will be m2 indoor space.


However, regardless of the construction, approval was given to establish a tea garden on a thousand square meters of pine area on the right side of the cable car. While it is discussed that a new project will be made regarding the location of this tea garden with the works, it is stated that the trees are again the target for this project. The biggest fear of the residents of the neighborhood is that the trees will be completely cut down… Cable Car Solidarity sözcüZülfikar Taraf and platform members, one of the societies, started working to prevent trees from being cut. Meeting with Füsun Uyanık, Head of the Chamber of City Planners Bursa Branch, the platform members received information about the project.

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