Here's the traffic of Marmaray tweet

Here's Marmaray tweet traffic: Prime Minister Erdogan, social media Marmaray criticized the criticism. How many tweets have been taken since yesterday? What are the factors determining the agenda of social media?
Marmaray was opened with a grand ceremony. World media, which showed great interest in the project was the most intense discussion of social media was.
According to the information obtained by ntvmsnbc, 80 percent of the tweets posted about Marmaray in the last week were sent yesterday and today.
The number of tweets posted about Marmaray only since yesterday (until October 30, 17.00:294) is 6 thousand XNUMX. The most intense period of tweets was the opening ceremony. The tweets that increased with the opening ceremony reached the highest point when the protocol made a trial run.
Yesterday 17.00 and 18.00 tweeted 34 bin 910.
Today, the times when the number of tweets increased coincided with the disruptions experienced in Marmaray.
The first concentration occurred after the morning power outage. According to the information received by ntvmsnbc, more than 16 thousand tweets were posted within two hours after this incident.
After hours of stopping due to door failure at noon, the 26 was over a thousand tweets in two hours.
The increase in the number of tweets after negative developments was reacted by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.
Erdogan expressed his reaction with the following words: “From the very first day, somebody's there are sensitive emergency bells that should not be pulled, they are attracting him. Of course, unfortunately, there is a problem in Marmaray. The media is prepared, it is coming and the tweets are starting. Could there be such a logic? "

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