38 thousand pounds penalty for activists stopping the train

38 thousand pounds penalty to the activists stopping the train service: During the Gezi Park protests, Ahmet Atakan was paid a fine for the activists who closed the railway level crossing with a demonstration.
In accordance with Article 112 of the Highway Traffic Law, a total of 14 liras of fines of 334 lira were imposed on 38 activists. The police also filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor about the demonstrators.
A total of 38 thousand Turkish lira was fined to the protesters who were determined to close the train and level crossings in the remembrance of Ahmet Atakan, who died during the Gezi Park events in Eskişehir. An action was held in Eskişehir on September 10, 2013 to commemorate Atakan. A group of people gathered in the evening walked from the University Avenue to Bağlar pass. The demonstrators sitting on the rails closed the railway for 4 hours. The group painted a locomotive by stopping a moving train. He set up and burned the barricades on the level with the materials and rubble collected from the railroad construction and the surrounding construction.
Due to the protesters sitting on the rails, High Speed ​​Train between Eskişehir-Ankara, Ankara-Eskişehir and some other train services stopped. High Speed ​​Train passengers were moved to a point at the entrance of Eskişehir and brought to the train station. In-city vehicle transportation, which was given over the level crossing, was blocked for hours. The demonstrators cut the cables of a MOBESE camera in the area, preventing them from acquiring images, so as not to be identified. Eskişehir police, who started working after the demonstration, sat on the rails during the action and identified the activists who closed the railway to train transportation, barricades by crossing the level crossing to vehicle traffic and who did not open the road despite the warnings. Then he determined the identities of those in the group. The police, who took action on the activists in question, then fined them in accordance with Article 14 of the Highway Traffic Law. The police fined 112 Turkish Liras for 334 people who victimized the citizen in the action in question for “shutting down the road traffic” and “closing the railway for transportation”. The sentence was sent to activists who blocked the road.
The police also convicted the prosecutor's office for the crimes of 'night walking, taking action', opposing the Law on Meetings and Demonstrations, 'closing the road to the train by closing the railway, closing the road to transportation' and 'damaging public property'. announced. If the prosecutor accepted the complaint, it was stated that each of these activists could be sued for 112 to 2 years with a request for prison sentences.

Source : www.memurlar.net

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