Topbaş, how the public in Istanbul transportation plan see how misleading

Topbas, Istanbul transportation plan how the public saw how misunderstood: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, yer Everywhere Metro, Everywhere Metro Büyük with the slogan prepared for Istanbul has announced the transportation plan. It was revealed that public opinion was misled in the transportation plan announced by Topbaş.
İBB, which published the rail system transportation project in Istanbul, announced the length of the rail system in Istanbul as 2004 kilometers before 45, and Sirkeci - Halkalı and the 75-kilometer Suburb covering the Haydarpaşa - Gebze lines were ignored.
Topbas does not content with misleading the public in this way, but the 2019 44 kilometer of the length of the 31 kilometer Haydarpaşa - Gebze and the XNUMX kilometer Sirkeci - Halkalı added 75 mileage for suburban lines to 2019 rail system project.
In short, Topbaş ignored the suburban lines to shrink the lines before him and added these numbers to the project in 2019 to make his line length bigger.
This also attracted attention as a trick made.

Ignored in the projects announced by IMM before 2004, Sirkeci - Halkalı and Haydarpaşa - Gebze suburban line

Sirkeci, which is as if it was newly built in the rail system project after 2019 - Halkalı and Haydarpaşa - Gebze suburban line

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