This is not the Adana Metro we have planned

adana metro map
adana metro map

This was not the Adana Metro we planned: Selahattin Colak, a former Mayor of Adana, who has an active place and importance in Adana politics, met with the candidate of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate and the member of the Assembly Bekir Sıtkı Özer. Promises to support Özer

Colak: This is not the subway we planned

Özer: Swamp of Metro Adana

CHP Metropolitan Mayor candidate candidate and parliamentary member Bekir Sıtkı Özer visited the election work which was started after the announcement of his candidacy.
Selahattin Çolak, in a friendly meeting, evaluated the services of the administrations that came to work and expressed the shortcomings he saw in the city.


Selahattin Çolak reminded that the first planning of the current Metro was made in his own time, “We made an agreement with the US firm at the time, we prepared the Master Plan of transportation, the first stage 100. 13.5 The cost of this work was 165 million dollars per kilometer. Again, the second stage was going to the university, the third phase of that period, Kürkçüler, extending up to Suluca and OIZ.

Many European companies have prepared to enter the tender. The auction was postponed because the Treasury could not be guaranteed. Those who came to work after us supposedly made Metro, but it was an investment which brought Adana burdened in every way from its real purpose. The resources of this city have been wasted. I would definitely not sign this nonsense, Ben he said.

Addressing the urban transformation initiated by the metropolitan and central district municipalities, the former Mayor of Adana Selahattin Çolak continued his words as follows:

Dı Urban transformation began in my real sense. (Serinevler mah.Yüreğir Başkent has. Location.) 550 house was destroyed. The cost of the land was paid by the municipality. During my term of office, the 'Celal Bayar Overpass', which was expected by traffic lights and traffic policemen, was not made, and then it was not demolished. Today, when I took office in the bread factory 1989, which was giving cheap bread to the public, it was closed, we started to operate again, the bus operation was destroyed and we started to operate again. Giving life to Yüreğir; We opened the Mustafa Kemal Paşa Boulevard and Bridge and provided faster access to Yüreğir to Seyhan.
Again, Vegetables Market and Bus Station was opened to service in that period. Asphalt construction site was made. When I delivered the municipality in 1994, it was a debt-free municipality. As


CHP Metropolitan Mayor candidate candidate and Assembly member Bekir Sıtkı Özer, the daily damage of the Metro is 50 thousand, the monthly dice is 1.5 million TL, he said. Describing the metro as a hump on the back of the municipality, Özer said, bor In 2023, the metron's debt will be over, and the debt to the treasury will end in 2030. This city was left unattended in every sense. What happened to the job while wasting all the opportunities, not thinking about tomorrow. We will take the city tomorrow.

Taking into account all the values ​​of the society, we will serve them by including them in the projects we prepare. We are not the inhabitants of this city, we will own. My word. Söz Selahattin Çolak, one of the former Presidents of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, stated that Bekir Sıtkı Özer closely followed the works of the Municipal Assembly and stated that he had found it very successful. I want to know that I will provide the contribution ağ.

Map of Adana Metro

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