Description of TCDDden Marmaray

TCDDden Marmaray description: TCDD, Marmaray short-term power outage in the morning, but reported that the interruption of the voyage. Pressing the emergency button, the citizens have caused disruptions.
TCDD, Marmaray'da control center and the lack of electronic systems claimed that the claims are unreal.
In a written statement made by TCDD, Marmaray has started to accept passengers today and there was an extraordinary interest and passenger density. The first time the train passengers on the "emergency" button as a result of the time they experienced train stoppings expressed in the statement, this situation caused the trains in the timely stop and departure were recorded.
. Marmaray personnel are trained against any situation and there is no security risk in the scenarios applied ca said the statement of emergency scenarios where simulations were made.
Some of the internet sites' allegations are also mentioned in the statement:
Tır In the morning there was a short-term power outage, but this interruption did not hamper the voyages. There are blue light emergency transitions in the tunnel at intervals of 150 meters. In case of similar events in the tunnel, passengers can be taken to the train on the other road. No such incident happened today.
The control center is installed to control all kinds of electronic systems in the 5 station currently operating. Therefore, the allegations of lack of control center and electronic systems are unrealistic. Ler
In order not to increase the density due to the passenger density is above the expected trains in Sirkeci Station, the statement said, the 9500 2 locomotives and 2 emergency services at Kazlıçeşme and Haydarpaşa stations were stated to be present.
In the statement, the passengers were asked to use Marmaray as their needs, not to go constantly, considering the intensity.
Passengers satisfied
General Director of TCDD Süleyman Karaman, Marmaray, which came into service yesterday, said that there was no hitch until now, aman Our passengers are satisfied with the situation. There are twice as many passengers we expect now, Şu he said.
Karaman, Asia and Europe connecting the underwater tunnel with the opening of the ”Century Project düzenlen, which was opened in a ceremony held yesterday, visited the Üsküdar Station of Marmaray.
In a statement made to reporters here, Marmaray expressing a great concentration at the moment Karaman, said it was due to the free travel.
As Marmaray is free, Karaman said that the number of passengers could not be determined exactly. It's both going and coming right now. Perhaps this will continue until the citizen is bored, Belki he said.
Karaman emphasized that the entire team is on duty in order to prevent a possible failure, and that they were proud of the fact that no one had been bleeding since the beginning of the Marmaray Project.
Karaman, then said that they do not want anyone to experience a negative thing, therefore, with warning announcements said that they provide easy travel to the public.
TCDD General Manager Karaman, because it is very busy to get under control at the station had to close two doors said.
The density will increase if it stops at Sirkeci
When all the doors open, they could not control the control of Karaman, said:
“We will continue to receive passengers from two doors. However, if the intensity continues, we may make some restrictions. Because there is no way we can increase the number of trains now. The Sirkeci stop is a little speculation. We are currently passing by Sirkeci. If it stops there, the density will increase. There's no glitch right now. Our passengers are also satisfied. There are twice as many passengers as we expect right now. We've booked as a passenger with a ticket, now he's riding without a ticket. But as railways, we're used to this fast train. We know about the difficulties experienced during the free passenger reception. It is easy for him to solve. The interest of our citizens makes us happy at the same time. We were even excited about the opening despite our work on so many years. The ownership of citizens makes us happy.

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