Canvas Games from TCDD Theater Group (Photo Gallery)

TCDD Theater Group Kaneviçeli Games: TCDD Theater Group Turgut Özakman's' Kanaviçeli Oyunlar ğu (TCDD Theater Group) has been playing for the first time on 30 September 2013 in front of the trainers in Kule Restaurant.
TCDD Deputy General Manager V. Adem Kayış and the top executives with a great pleasure to be staged the scene, Turgut Özakman was buried on the day of the earth was touched by everyone.
TCDD Deputy General Manager Adem Kayış said in his speech that the railroads have been developing with big investments in recent years, and that they attach great importance to their personnel and embraces all their staff with social activities.
Lar Kaneviçeli Oyunlar ini, directed by Acan Aksoy; Press - Publication and Public Relations Consultancy Officer Fadli Kuş, Education and Training Department Specialist Nilgün Küllük, Traffic Department Officer Yasemin Konmaz, Architect of the Department of Surveying and Planning Department Yeliz Ünlübaş, Railway Construction Department Engineer Ferhat Öztürk, Legal Counsel is taking part.
The author of the game is Turgut Özakman; He was a graduate of Ankara Faculty of Law. Turgut Özakman, who graduated from Kölh University Institute of Theater Science, entered the State Theater as a dramaturg.
Özakman, who worked as a top manager at TRT, State Theaters, and the Supreme Board of Radio and Television, worked as a lecturer at Ankara University Faculty of Language and History Geography Theater Department (DTCF Theater) for many years.
Özakman, who was awarded the title of 'honorary doctor' by various universities due to his superior services, has signed countless works throughout his life.
The book, The Crazy Turks, which was released in 2005, has been in labor for nearly 50 years and describes the War of Independence in romance, remained in the top sellers list for weeks.
Beyond the Walls, Boulevard, Our Neighbors, Sarıpınar (from the novel of Reşat Nuri's Değirmen), Fehim Paşa Mansion, Illustrated Ottoman History, Şehnaz Oyun etc. plays, Korkma İnsancık Korkma, 19 May 1999-Atatürk Again in Samsun, Özakman, who has signed works such as Those Crazy Turks, Resurrection, Republic, Our Lesson Atatürk, was married and had three children.

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