Fast train will pass tangential to Antalya

High-speed train will cross Antalya: Ak Party Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak criticized the high-speed train contradiction of the Metropolitan Municipality and the development plan of the past 40 years and said, "According to the proposal of the Metropolitan Municipality, the high-speed train will cross Antalya."
Ak Parti Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak said that he spent 50 years of his life in Antalya, in Muratpaşa and Kalekapısı, between Liman-Aksu and Lara-Organize Sanayi, and that he had the opportunity to examine nearly 25 metropolitan cities in 5 continents for 50 years. He also shared with the public the results of his research and consultation on the high-speed train city where investment is expected due to intense complaints from the public, public officials and mukhtars about the urban traffic problem, unopened boulevards, distorted planning, and over-concentrated neighborhoods in Antalya in recent years.
Stating that the 1/25.000 Development Plan prepared by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is being discussed and is an important issue that still needs to be discussed, Badak said that the plan is a vision for Antalya. kazanHe said he would not do it, but on the contrary, there was a plan that would make it even more complicated. Badak said, “One of the factors that significantly affect the economy and social life of cities is zoning plans. We live in the cities our grandparents planned, and our grandchildren will live in the cities we planned. Last month, the 1/25.000 zoning plan was discussed within the borders of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. In the Urban Transportation and Planning section of the National Transportation Council, which I attended on September 5-7, 2013, it was emphasized that 'the city that does not tire people, does not consume energy and facilitates daily life is healthy'. It is also stated that in medium-sized cities such as Antalya, places such as the Governor's Office, Metropolitan Municipality, bus station, hospital, train station, Central Mosque, main sports facility, city square, big theater should be reached within 15-20 minutes from every corner of the city on foot, by car or by public transport. was done. Some of our service areas above, which were in the flow of integrity until the 1980s, were destroyed in the new plans. The rest are scattered in distant places in the city. Accessing one from the other has become torture. Our city is tiring people, consuming their energy and making daily life difficult.”
Stating that while the development plans made in the past should preserve the beauties of Antalya and carry it into the future, Badak said that the beauties were slaughtered with the zoning plans.
“In fact, in recent months, the concrete pile of the neighborhoods that our countrymen suggested to be included in the scope of urban transformation destroyed the plan balances of the Haşim İşcan period; The planning that damaged the mold of Antalya, like a jacket sewn on the sleeve, collar and back, is the work of the 1960s. The regulations of the 1990s further increased the imbalance. For example; The fact that Antalya bus station is far away from our daily trade and social life centers has led to the deterioration of retail trade in the city center. In order to fix it, our tradesmen have been looking for solutions with chambers and associations for 10 years. The wide boulevards proposed in the planning of the 1990s in Muratpaşa, Kepez and Aksu are still not opened, and because of the continuation of TRT Street, where 100 thousands of people live, the transportation balances have deteriorated even more. Unfortunately, in the last plan presented by the Metropolitan, it is seen that the main facilities mentioned above do not exist, and collective workplaces, CSR and Sectoral Employment Centers are not considered within the system integrity. Moreover, in this period when the Afyon-Antalya-Konya High Speed ​​Train and Highway projects, which our people are waiting with great enthusiasm, counts as years, the sports facilities, hospitals, public buildings for Muratpaşa, Kepez, Konyaaltı where half of the total population of the province live, as well as the city square, the Bus Station and the Station. has been ignored. "
Pointing out that one of the important mistakes in the 25 thousand construction plan prepared by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is the high-speed train route, Badak said, “In the plan, Konya High Speed ​​Train entrance is tangent to Antalya and was directed from Serik to Döşemealtı. We must state that; With their magnificent architecture, the bus and train stations increase the performance of the city center, enrich the life culture and provide high commercial potential, not only for transportation but also with facilities such as restaurants, patisseries, shops and hotels on the bus station and station streets. In addition, these are civilization stops where joy and sadness are experienced together. Although they are metropolitan, even in Berlin, London, New York and similar cities, bus and train stations are right in the center. In big cities, it is seen that the mind spreads harmoniously into urban development. It is understood from the fact that we have not been able to look at the integrity of the system because we have not been able to create cities like Barcelona and Geneva or Baku and Almaty that do not tire people for 40 years. I wish Kayseri were taken as an example. The concept of urbanism is changing in the world. "The apartments and neighborhoods that are 60-70 years old are demolished and turn into the architecture of the future."
In the light of these facts and opinions, the AK Party deputy Antalya Deputy Sadik Badak stated the results and recommendations:
“It's over now. We should ask those who say this distortion will live forever in Antalya; If we invite master architects in Smart-Green City planning and have "2123 Ideal City Plan Design" covering all our districts; What if we reach Antalya as an example by reconstructing the existing one every 10-15 years, that is, in 8-10 stages, with the least damage, with urban transformation, and thus increase the value of our city several times? First of all, we must plan the high-speed train station in the airport hinterland (around Varsak). This is also necessary in terms of operational efficiency in tourism transportation. Wholesaler Hal is taken to the North Ring Road-Kurşunlu junction, and the bus terminal is replaced, and mass transportation is planned from the Port and Lara to the region. Zeytinköy is included in the scope of priority urban transformation, and the areas to be born around it are arranged like the governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Central Mosque, city square, big theater instead of shopping malls. We must continue with the current improvements of Antalya's current Zoning-Transportation situation. It is the city entrance of the Konya High Speed ​​Train, proposed by the Metropolitan Municipality to the Ministry, and the station hidden from the city.

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