Smart card provides advantage in Gaziantep transportation

Smart card in Gaziantep transportation advantage: Gaziantep's transportation problem with tram, new buses, new roads and intersections of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, finally used in buses included in the transportation Kart27'ye (smart card) demand explosion happened.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has relieved the transportation problem of Gaziantep by tram, new buses, new roads and intersections, was finally booming to Kart27 (smart card) which was also used in buses included in transportation.
Implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep and the citizens of the smart card application is showing great interest every day is increasing the target. The average 337 thousand people received Kart27 so far to take advantage of public transportation services at an affordable price. 2013 7 46 27 2013 100 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX
Citizens benefiting from the buses operating under the Metropolitan Municipality use 2,5 TL for full 27 TL instead of the only tickets they use for 1,5 TL.
Kart27, which is also used in trams, has a full ticket 1 TL, discounted and 0,50 TL. Kart27 users can benefit from transportation facilities, full card 1,50, discount 1,20 TL on municipal buses, full card 2 TL on special public buses and discounted 1,50 TL. Following their first boarding pass, the 1 will also benefit from a discount of 60 discount in accordance with the tariff. From the public transport buses, citizens can earn a full 60 penny, with a discount of 30 penny.
Card filling points reached 200 in different parts of the city, indicating that the authorities under the old court after the point of contact at the end of October, the University of Gaziantep to open a new service point by the emergency entry reported that they aim to open.
Students who want to get KART3 with a minimum of 650 TL, maximum TL 27 can receive a certificate from the educational institutions they are affiliated with (including students in the courses, open education faculty, apprenticeship training center) or by taking a document indicating that they are The student can apply to get a discount card along with photocopies of ID cards and ID cards showing that they are students.
Citizens will pay 5 TL for the full card, 10 TL card for discount and free cards at the first purchase. The discount card can be used by teachers, students and citizens over the age of 60.
In the city where the number of boarding passes is 120 bin, Kart27 can be used for transportation vehicles such as city buses, public buses, trams, as well as for planetary and science center of the Metropolitan Municipality, Bayazhan City Museum, zoo, botanical garden.

Günceleme: 28/11/2018 17:06

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