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  1. International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium: Fadıl Demirel, General Manager of Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR), said, "Once, this country was getting rails from other countries at $ 2 per ton, now we manufacture these rails and give them about 500 dollars."
    Demirel, Karabük University (KBU), the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and KARDEMİR cooperation in NW Prof. Dr. In his speech at the "2nd International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium" held at the Bektaş Açıkgöz Conference Hall, he said that the size of a country is measured by its economy and that it can speak as much as the economy of each country.
    Turkey's 2023 export target of $ 500 billion Demirel stressed that "to compete with rival companies in Turkey is now possible to buy and sell their goods very quickly. How will they do this? We are not a very high technology country. Most of the goods in our exports are heavy goods of large tonnage. We have to establish systems that can carry them in mass. Since our country is surrounded by seas on three sides, the rapid movement of goods and services is only possible with the ports of our country. It is possible to reach the ports by railways. Otherwise, the 2023 target would be a dream. You are going to sell goods to the world and you have to deliver it somehow. A fast transport can only be done by rail, ”he said.
    Until recently, Turkey can not be made even more striking rail Demirel, he said:
    “In order to get a rail in this country, a cabinet decision was required. Once, this country bought rails from other countries for 2 dollars a ton, now we manufacture these rails and give them about 500 dollars. We work bilaterally with TCDD. We sell rails to them and transport our goods as their biggest customer. We do this without returning money. Now they buy high-speed rail and regular rail, just like buying gum from us at the grocery store. We made this very easy. When you say rail, you will have rails, switches, locomotives, wagons and accessories. This is all steel. The thing called steel is magic. If you do not have steel, you cannot talk about the development of the country. "
    3 million tons production target
    Emphasizing that they have reached the production target of 1 million 900 thousand tons at the moment, Demirel emphasized that this target will be 2014 million tons in the middle of 3. Fadil Demirel, noting that can produce high-quality steel in Turkey's Kardemir, "there are technical reasons for this. We are the only organization that can turn ore into rail. Those other than us make long products from scrap. Railway products are included in the long group. Therefore, we must make these quality steels. It is our duty. It is not just about building a rail mill. A good meltshop is needed. Continuous casting plant is not without raw material and blast furnace. Therefore, nobody can do this job just because I am building a rail mill. Since we have these, we have started rail production. We wanted to move the main base of railway and rail systems production to Karabük. We achieved the industrial and scientific leg of this with our university, ”he said.
    Stating that they established "Rail Systems Engineering", "Iron and Steel Institute" and "Test Center" in Karabük with the university, Demirel continued his words as follows:
    “We will produce 450 thousand tons of rails per year. We have the most modern rail rolling mill in the world. We will produce railway wheels. We will start the production of railway wheels within 30 months. We will produce 2 hundred thousand tons of wheels per year. Our country's consumption is about 50 thousand. We will export the rest. Besides the rail and the wheel, we manufacture scissors and wagons. We had to build the wheel and the rail. The rolling mill alone costs $ 140 million. Wheel, switch, wagon and rail all have to be made in an integration. As long as these are not done, you cannot carry out railways in the country. "
    Karabük Governor İzzetin Küçük, TCDD Education and Training Department Head Kasım Özdemir, KBÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Karabük Police Chief Oktay Keskin, businessmen, academics and many guests attended the symposium, and the opening of the “Hicaz Railway Exhibition from 1900 to Today” was held at the Technology Faculty Foyer Area.

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