Estramdan Ssk New Application for Tram Line

New Application for Estramdan Ssk Tram Line: Eskişehir Light Rail System (ESTRAM) has announced that a new application has begun on SSK tram line due to the demolition of the station bridge. General Directorate of the bridge next to the Station Bridge projected and completed construction of the tramway line due to the single-line structure of the bus station-SSK voyages could not be done as often as requested. Lı Therefore, in order to minimize the victimization of our citizens, ESTRAM has switched to 3 line operating plan, namely Otogar-SSK, Otogar-Osmangazi, Osmangazi-Opera. Passengers who cannot take the tram due to the intensity between the SSK-Carsi stops will be able to benefit from the Emergency Buses operating between the SSK-Ordu House free of charge. SS



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